Sunday, October 18, 2015

Alien Worlds and Politics

The Atlantic - The Most Mysterious Star in Our Galaxy.

Scientists have found a star that apparently has objects circling it that may have been made by intelligent life. That is the short of the article. Now, the reasons that they believe this has to do with the age of the star, the lack of consistency of the circling objects and some other observations. The fact is that it is only a question of when we find other intelligent life in the universe. If you believe in God then you have to believe that he didn't need to make so many planets if we were going to be the only sentient beings using them and if you are an atheist you have to believe that planets similar to ours would have had similar results.

There is one philosophy that might assume that there is no other life in the universe. If you believe God made the universe so that we could discover that we were his only creation. Of course, that doesn't explain angels. If you believe that God made the universe and angels then you already believe in aliens.

I personally don't think we have a clue what is circling that planet. I sure don't know. My thoughts on aliens are sort of limited. I do believe there is life on other planets, what kind and why, I have no idea. I believe something happened at Roswell and that we have still not been told the truth. I am far from convinced it was aliens. I do not believe that aliens from other planets are regularly visiting the earth. I do believe that reports of flying saucers represent something people are seeing and are not all hoaxes. Finally, I believe the media regularly ridicules strange phenomenon because they don't want to be seen as not knowing more than the rest of us. The media saying they don't know the truth is like a police officer arresting you and saying he doesn't have the authority. I don't expect to see either happen.

Here is my question. If one day we actually communicate via any method with alien life (lets say laser beam communication that takes 5,000 years to reach the other planet), how will the media react? If we received a message from an alien planet that had been sent 5,000 years ago I think most people would accept it pretty quick and not even be surprised. The media, government and business would freak out and be scared, then they would try to scare us too. Alien life is only a threat to the people in charge. People who were about to be sacrificed by the Incans were not half as afraid of the conquistadores as the people who ruled the empire. The people who were about to be sacrificed by the Incans had nothing to lose and often sided against the Incans.

What would an alien race have to offer the world that might cause 99% to go along. What if they promised that all people would have medicine or homes or food or protection from aggression? If you want to take over a country or society and not have to spend all your time managing and fighting them, you have to offer to be better than the people they used to be under and that is our problem in IRAQ.

It is pretty hard to tell people in Iraq that America is better for them because Hussein used to torture them when we also torture them. How do we tell Iraqis they are better off under us when their houses are all destroyed and are even more likely to have their children killed? If the Iraqis and Afghanis don't believe us then why would they not accept the promises of aliens over ours?

There is a part of the bible that has always confused me. After the final battle at Armageddon, Jesus takes over and rules for 1,000 years. At the end of that time he releases Satan and some of the people on earth fight against Jesus with Satan. Why? What if it is because they believe they can get a better deal than others? What if it is all the believers of Ayn Rand, those who think that helping one another is the despised "collectivist mentality". The most hardcore believers in dog eat dog capitalism believe that working together and helping the less fortunate is the sin and that selfishness is being godlike. Psychopaths and Sociopaths. If ever aliens come here, it will be the rich and powerful that will have to change their ways if we are to stay in charge of our own future.

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