Monday, October 12, 2015

I Deleted a Comment

This is a moderated blog, no comments are posted unless I have read them and found them acceptable. Cussing is not allowed and hijacking the blog is not allowed. In 7 years I have only deleted a handful of comments. I have even posted ones that were attacks on me. Most of the few posts I have deleted were accusations against specific people, without evidence, of committing crimes. Such things are for the police and not some random blogger.

Tonight I got a comment from someone claiming to represent "The Illuminati". LOL. I was even given a phone number to call. LMAO. I posted it for two seconds, so I could read all of it, and then deleted it. If someone really wants to give you a million dollars, they will not use the internet or e-mail to notify you. They will come in person. Please, don't fall for internet hoaxes.

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