Saturday, October 17, 2015

It Is Not News It Is Propaganda

I went out with friends and had a very nice meal  When I got home I read the news and saw the following article.

Yahoo - Reuters - U.S. confirms Iran tested nuclear-capable ballistic missile.

If you read the article and pay attention, you discover that what they said is not true. There is absolutely no proof the missile could carry nuclear weapons. The article states that the problem with the missiles is that they are medium range ballistic missile, that means it can travel far and that is all it means. An Inter-Continental Ballistic is one that can reach half way across the world, so whatever missile they tested is not capable of reaching America from Iran.

Now, if we accept that statement from the author that every missile is "inherently" capable of carrying nuclear weapons then it is also saying that no other nations should have rockets capable of delivering satellites into space, same technology. Here is an important line from the end of the article.

"The missile test is not a violation of the nuclear deal, which focuses on Iran's atomic program, U.S. officials have said."

Lets be clear, under the proposed Iran Nuke Deal, they would even be allowed to buy ballistic missile technology from other countries including the United States so long as it was not designed for nuclear missiles. That strongly suggests that not all ballistic missiles are capable of launching nuclear weapons. This article by Reuters is a series of internal contradictions. Whether you like Iran, hate it, trust it, love it or think it is just a bad place to go on your honeymoon, the article is a giant lie and that is the issue I am addressing.

I want you to consider the linked article again. It basically said that Iran tested trucks capable of carrying nuclear bombs. That would include every truck if you believe nuclear bombs can be made the size of a barbecue from Home Depot and not weigh more than a quarter ton. What about this, what if it said that Iran tested software capable of detonating a nuclear missile? That would include any program and not even a complicated one. It would include every cell phone as detonating a bomb is not that complicated and neither is making a rocket, the Germans were doing it in the 1940s.

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