Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Meaningless Babble and Music

A couple of articles that I read a little bit ago; but, forgot to post and then some general discussion about the media and this election.

Huffington Post - Technology Might Kill The Idea Of Car Ownership -- And That's A Good Thing.

As we get closer and closer to self-driving vehicles, the push for gaining public acceptance will increase and in the end only the wealthy will have personal vehicles and unlimited mobility. It is coming, read the article and see the joy the writer has at the thought of it.

Huffington Post - Big Banks Call For 'Strong' Climate Deal.

Do you really believe that the big banks care about the environment. The CEOs will tell you that their only job is to increase stock prices for the shareholders. So why are they so interested in the climate. Oh, yeah, to profit from a carbon tax and speculation on carbon credits valuation.

General Discussion:

I was reading an article today about how Trump and Sanders needed to go away so that the parties could focus on candidates who could win. You know, candidates who wouldn't change anything. The media is clearly frustrated by the fact than neither Clinton or Bush is the frontrunner. I especially like the articles that claim Trump is a liberal and Sanders is not, Sanders is supposedly a commie. LOL. The media sees their role as setting the framework for the political debate we are to have and they want the issues to stay status quo and meaningless. The alternative media is as bad. The biggest internet media draws are Ayn Rand following "libertarians" who are little more than bizarro fascists.

Musical Interlude - YouTube - Pilot - Magic (1975 - HD).

YouTube - Stampeders - Sweet City Woman (1971 - HD).

YouTube - Raspberries Go All The Way Mike Douglas Show 1974.

YouTube - The Blues Image - Ride Captain Ride.


YouTube - Three Dog Night - Never Been To Spain.

YouTube - Crosby, Stills & Nash - Southern Cross.

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