Thursday, October 22, 2015

Nonsense Logic and Opportunity.

I was watching this interview on David Letterman with John Oliver about soccer. I had no idea what it was going to say and then I heard the line that mattered. Apparently, in England there are four different team structures of soccer players. The Premier League, Championship, First Division and Second Division and the Conference (amateurs). Now Letterman then asks if theoretically one could move from amateur to Premier and Oliver says that while it is theoretically possible, there is no chance it will happen because the Premier league can actually pay money to hire players and as much as they want.

YouTube - John Oliver Explains English Soccer to David Letterman.

Earlier Oliver had stated that the levels in soccer were basically the class system. It is the same in America and we accept that. There is pro-baseball, AA, triple A and all sort of other levels going down to T-Ball (for little children). Can you imagine the best junior high baseball team in the world playing against the Yankees being a fair competition in any manner way shape or form? That would be insanity; but, Letterman seems to think that it would be fair in English soccer teams. Putting 8 year olds against seasoned professional baseball players is not fair, it is not even a competition. Sure, theoretically angels could help the 8 year olds win; but, even there it would not be fair, would it?

Here is the reality. Right does not necessarily make right. If you think it does then explain the holocaust or the killing of 40 million Russians during the communist revolution or the killing of 60 million Chinese under Mao. Nope, if that is to tough for you, explain why the Romans could kill Jesus, was that right making might or might doing wrong. Might alone does not justify it's actions.

A merit based society is based on the idea that those who are better should rise to the top, not some of the time, all of the time. That opportunity should be based on merit rather than relations and birth or inheritance. If based on those things it is called an oligarchy. Do you think that your children have as much chance of succeeding as the children of the wealthy or famous? The difference between America and England is that their non-Premier people know they don't have the same opportunity.

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