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Cocaine Mummies and Polynesia

So here is a fun one for you. This museum was testing some Egyptian mummies and discovered that they had traces of tobacco and cocaine. The problem is that the Egyptians are not known to have gone to South America and even if they had, they then would have had to pass through the cape of South America and travelled up the western coast of South America to Peru. Still, that is one of the more popular theories. It is also not possible for the Peruvians to have travelled to Egypt and not have any reports of it. Neither the Egyptians nor the Peruvians were known as great seafarers. Both had boats but they were basically small fishing boats. This has left the "scientists" confused.

YouTube - Cocaine Mummies of Ancient Egypt

I find the idea that the shipping had to be done by the Egyptians hilarious. Back 3,000 years ago there was only one culture that we know was travelling sufficiently far and across the ocean and that is the Polynesians. Not only that; but, we know that they had been in South America as in the last couple of years DNA proved it. There is an old tribe in South America that was found to have Polynesian DNA and it also appears that they did not intermarry with the Indians much.

Now lets talk about the South Pacific. To start with, it is big, it is one-third of the earth. It is much, much bigger than the Atlantic Ocean and had been travelled much larger distances than the Atlantic was ever travelled until the 1500s when Europeans finally travelled both the Atlantic and the Pacific. The purpose of all long boat trips back then was necessity. Ask yourself, for a moment, why were the Polynesians the only people to bother to keep searching the ocean for other lands? Next question, why didn't the Polynesians take over New Zealand or Australia? Australia is much closer to where Polynesia begins than is Hawaii and a heck of a lot easier to get to with many more resources and miles of beach.

I will post a link to a map; but, the South Pacific was inhabited by a small number of groups. The three biggest groups are the Polynesians, Melanesians and Micronesians. We know these groups were all seafaring and had regular interaction. The Polynesians were the greatest sailors of the three. All three of these groups could reach the Philippines and New Guinea which is part of Melanesia. The Polynesians are thought to be descendants of the Austronesians who stretched from Taiwan to Madagascar about 3,000 BC. Let me simplify all of this, we know the Polynesians had travelled to both South America and Asia. This is accepted and also that it happened thousands of years ago.

When I was at University some of my Professors thought I should become one too and one of them suggested that I become an expert in Polynesian government. He thought it would be a good niche and guarantee me a spot as a Professor as there weren't any others specializing in it. Truth is, the governing of Polynesia was never something that interested me, I was more interested in their history as a whole. I was actually fascinated with Polynesia from a Sociological standpoint and the effect World War II had on destroying their way of life.

One of the most fascinating questions is why did the Polynesians bother travelling the Pacific in the first place. Hawaii is thousands of miles away from other islands and sits pretty much alone; but, for some reason the Polynesians travelled there and peopled it. Why? Australia was closer as was South America and Africa. Why travel so far on the chance that you might find another island? Why don't we see much DNA swapping between Africa and the Polynesians and a lot between the Polynesians and the Asians?

Now, we have found Chinese silk in clothes worn by Egyptians. That proves that Egypt and China had trade. If not directly, then by intermediaries. Anything that could go to China could therefore end up in Egypt. The Polynesians were shown to be partly from Taiwan. All of what I have discussed is established, I have given you the link. Read up anywhere about Polynesia, check the time frames. So what makes it so hard for the established historians to understand that the Polynesians were the most likely candidate for having transported the cocaine, tobacco to Asia and then travel from Asia to Egypt. Why do they want to believe that the Egyptians were the ones that had to travel to Peru and apparently do so on a semi-regular basis and not have developed ships more suited to the travel?

Both Darwinians and Anthropologists have the same bias. It is a social big bang theory, the idea that an event in one place fanned out and created the rest. Since the creation of patents we now know that multiple people can create the same thing at the same time or the same things at different times without knowing of the others invention, like the typewriter. South America and Egypt had pyramids, as did many other countries, without knowing about the others. No idea is unique and if it works, it will be found. The bigger question is how things travel.

I want to talk about trade secrets. For over a thousand years, the creation of silk was a trade secret held by China. The silkworms only lived there and were not allowed to be moved under penalty of death, yet, silk and Indian spices travelled the old world. If you wanted to trade back in the day, you had to have a good transportation system OR series of transportation systems. If the Polynesians were travelling from Asia to South America, as is now proven, then what would you expect them to transport to use as trade? Polynesia's number one commodity is Coconut meat. That would be hard to transport over long distances and still have value. Cocaine works pretty well and has immediately obvious effects proving it's value, same for tobacco.

For those of you who like a alien explanation for why the Egyptians and South American's made pyramids, consider the fact that the Polynesians were also masters of moving megaliths and shaping them as they did on Easter Island. Take all of this in and ask yourself why science has denied that the Polynesians traveled to Asia and South America for so long and it is only in the last 15 years that we know they were all wrong. What is so horrible about believing that the Polynesians had an effect on trade between the old world and the new world. It is much easier to get from Easter Island to South America then it is to get there from the old world and the Polynesians have already demonstrated that they did it.

You know what the Arabian nomads and the Polynesians had in common? They both traded in the most expensive things that didn't quickly spoil. Opium comes mainly from Afghanistan; but, was used in Egypt by the priests alone and in China. Egypt does not produce opium and never has as far as we can tell. They had to trade for it and limited it's use to their priests. What do you think they would have thought of cocaine? The mummies found to have cocaine in them were royalty. Is it that hard to believe that cocaine would have been limited to the use of royalty when it was so valued and hard to obtain?

Wikipedia - Polynesia


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