Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Number of Hits and Garbage

This blog has somewhere around 76,000 hits. It took two months for me to get 500 hits a month and at my highest readership I got around 2,200 hits a month. Right now I am getting about 1,400 a month. It sounds pitiful compared to commercial sites and sites dedicated to video games. LOL. Someone asked me once in a comment if I was doing this to make money. Oh my, if this was how I made my money I would have starved to death years ago. Even if I had adds on this site, what would I have made, a buck and a quarter? $76? LOL.

No matter what you are interested in, I am not a subject matter based person, the subjects change on a daily basis. It is not a personality based blog as I never identify myself. It is not a friendly blog as I am usually calling out the establishment for trying to lead us wherever they think we should be. My single most read post had about 2,500 different readers. That is not much in a world where Justin Bieber gets millions of hits in a day. Nope this is not a viral blog. It probably never will be and was never intended to be such. Having said what I have, imagine speaking before 2,500 people in one day. I have actually done that. I have literally spoken in front of a couple thousand people at one time. You don't have to speak to the world to be heard and if you start a blog and get 500 hits on one post, think of it like speaking before an audience of 500 people. If your average audience per month is 500 people, that is amazing. If you have a story to tell, create a blog and then fill it daily or regularly with whatever you believe you have to add to the life conversation. You don't need to go viral.

Do you understand that everything you do online is a message that is read and I don't mean literally. Every view to a porn site is logged, it matters little which site. If people spend 90% of their time online playing games or buying stuff then it is clear that they are not worried about what is going on in the world and don't worry about the truth or news or anything truly important. That is tracked. Our stats for using the internet are tracked to understand what we are interested in, not individually; but, as a group. Look up what is "trending" on the internet and you understand what it's users care about.

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