Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Why Are The Political Parties Against Americans Getting American Jobs?

I was watching some videos and reading some news reports when I came across an interview of presidential candidate, Ohio governor Kasich. He had said that he believed that we should build a wall between the United States and Mexico; but, would not send illegal aliens back. That is one of the more moderate conservative views this election. I might even be in favor of such a program. It was what he said next that bothered me. He said that those illegals allowed to stay should be made legal but not be allowed to become citizens. Rather than immediately make an opinion, I ask my readers to stop and think about the consequences of this plan.

If we created this new class of citizen, what rights would they have? Could they be refused passports? If they left the country on a trip, would they be denied re-entry? Would they be allowed to own guns or vote? If not would they have at least the same rights as convicted felons?  By the way, a lot of people who are here illegally did not arrive illegally. Not all people classified as illegal aliens entered this country. Some entered this country on legal visas and stayed after the visas expired. A wall would not have stopped them as they entered the country legally. I guess we could prevent people from even entering this country legally; but, that would be the end of tourism.

This is where Mr. Kasich gets stranger; but, more telling about what he does care about. He states that we should consider instituting a seasonal worker program. In other words, you cannot live here and be a citizen; but, you can come and take jobs away from American citizens. Why should we have ANY worker visas when there are not enough jobs for the citizens of this country? I think we should call for the end of ALL work visas. Think about it. If you want to work here become a citizen. Mr. Kasich lives in a farming state and he wants to bring in non-Americans to work the corn fields. I wonder if his concern about throwing illegal aliens has anything to do with the fact that his state has many illegal aliens working for farms.

Fox - Kasich: Unrealistic GOP tax plans improve Clinton's chances.

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