Friday, December 11, 2015

More Trump and More News

The Washington Free Beacon - Congress to Consider Easing Passage into U.S. for Immigrants. It is reported that this legislation is a direct response to Trumps comments. What does this say about our congressmen? We have the right to determine who moves here and that right should not be voted down just to spite Donald Trump. The reaction is more childish than Trumps statements.

FiveThirtyEightEconomics - Most Americans Aren’t Middle Class Anymore. What I find amusing is that while giving the statistics that prove the headline, the writer goes on to say that this is a good thing. What? There are more poor and more rich, how is this a good thing? Another article by a whigged out right winger who despises Americans making a decent salary.

Yahoo - FP - The Man Who Would Destroy the Republican Party. You should read the article, it is one of the most alarmist I have read yet. According to the writer, if Trump wins as the parties candidate the Republican party will be destroyed, the nation will implode and we will all die. This is the definition of desperate. Somewhere in the article they actually accuse him of being a "nationalist". Wait, he is more concerned about this country then other countries. Hmmm, why would that be a problem for a President?

Yahoo - It’s either Trump or the Republican Party. Not both. Again, more alarmists. Why are they more concerned about the party than the people they are supposed to represent? If Republicans want Trump than that is what they want.

Yahoo - Business Insider - GOP power brokers are reportedly preparing for an 11th-hour floor fight to defeat Donald Trump. There it is. If Trump wins the votes of Republicans in the primaries then the party will find a way to not let him be declared their winner. Screw the democratic process, who cares what the elections say, lets ignore all of that and have a few establishment insiders pick the candidate for all of us. Let me tell you something, there is nothing in the Constitution that says we have to hold primary elections for parties on the government dime. It is even more questionable using tax money to hold primaries when the electorate is ignored anyways. We should defund the primaries, if political parties want to select their candidates then they don't need or deserve tax money to do it.

The Washington Post - GOP preparing for contested convention. This is in essence the way the Republican elites plan on stealing the election from Trump even if he wins more votes than any other candidate in their party.

Washington Free Beacon - The Party Divides - Column: A Trump nomination would be the end of the GOP as we know it. Come on, you love reading the hysteria and insanity from these links. WE HAVEN'T HAD ONE PRIMARY YET! Why so much fear and hysteria so early on? Why are Republican insiders so afraid that Trump could win anything, he has never run for office before and has never had one person vote for him for anything. You know what scares them. It is that they will not be able to convince Republicans to not vote for him. A little story. When I was an undergraduate my degree was meant to be in Political Science (yes, I also qualified for degrees in Psychology and Sociology but they were not declared majors, just a hobby). In order to get my degree I had to take math classes. I decided to take classes in statistics. I ended up taking advanced statistics and more. I liked the teacher and found the work interesting. I actually learned to use a mainframe computer because of my statistics classes. My Professor worked for a major city and was in charge of their surveys. He actually offered me a job doing statistics for the City, I went to Law School instead; but, it was quite a compliment and he was a great guy. Wow, I need a moment.

You know, the Pimpernel has done a lot of dumb things in his life and I just recognized another one. I went to college so I could work in government and TURNED DOWN a job to work in government right out of college while I was still in college. Ahhhhhh. You know why I turned it down? I wanted to go to Law School, this is stupid because I never wanted to practice law and only wanted it to help me in government.

Anyways, I understood how statistics worked and how to do real surveys, most surveys you read about are garbage and don't actually qualify as valid. There are actually rules for taking valid surveys and verifying their accuracy. It is only because the media is more interested in shaping your opinion than accepting it that they don't use valid surveys. I don't want to get into the finer points of statistics so let me move on. The reality is that every candidate and every party has a statistician constantly doing surveys for them and they never release their own survey information. Why would anyone pay for a survey to show they were not going to win and had no support and then present it to the public? All the parties and candidates also hold focus groups. A focus group is where you take a selection of people with a particular interest and question them on why they have that interest. Through surveys and focus groups the Republican party and the other candidates believe his supporters are going to stick with him and vote for him. The Republican party has given up on the idea that they can prevent Trump from being supported by the republican voters.

Now lets play a game. Lets say that Trump wins the Republican party nomination and becomes President. How does a Republican congressman vote against his policies and get re-elected? How does a Republican congress vote against everything a Republican President proposes? LOL. A Trump win would force the Republicans to work with Democrats or support everything he wants to do. . LMAO.

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