Sunday, January 10, 2016

Let's Have a Party; But, a New One.

The New York Times - For Republicans, Mounting Fears of Lasting Split. Basically, the party establishment knows the party needs to bring in Hispanics and youth to survive  At the same time, they are splitting themselves apart over who controls the beliefs of the party, the wealthy or the middle and working classes. That is why Trump and Cruz are leading in the polls and also why Jeb Bush cannot garner any popular support. In fact it is even worse than the party establishment knows. The anti-party establishment people will all vote for anti-establishment candidates and they will give their votes in unison to whoever lasts till the end, they will not switch their vote to an establishment candidate no matter what. People forget history, especially the powerful and rich. They only remember the parts they like. The Republican party was created in 1854 by ex-Whigs and the Democratic party was created in 1828. The creation of both parties came about not by the establishment but by average citizens revolting against the establishment..

Yahoo - AP - GOP candidates pitch conservative path to fight poverty. This was just a bad idea, trying to woo the poor over to the Republican party by promising them to give more tax breaks to the rich and providing less support to the poor. Why did this seem like a good idea and to whom? Promising them that the jobs will return to America if we continue to give tax breaks to companies that outsource to China is insanity.


CNN - GOP tells NBC next debate suspended over 'gotcha' questions. The headline misses the most interesting part of the story. The Republican National Committee (AKA The Establishment that controls the party) has sent a letter to NBC saying that they will not have the debates on NBC because of bias by the liberal media. This quote is what is relevant.

"The letter from Priebus is a move to assert control over the debate process at a time when Republican campaigns seem poised to wrest control from the RNC's hands.

On Thursday, representatives from several campaigns made plans to hold a Sunday meeting in Washington, D.C., to discuss plans for wresting more control of the debates from the committee."

The Republican party establishment has made a fatal mistake. You see they supported the unhindered funding of PACs and they got their wish. The mistake they made was in thinking that the PACs would work more for the party than for individual candidates and they were wrong. The PACs are instead committed to specific candidates and the parties support economically is less important than ever before. It is really quite simple, special interests want to own politicians, not parties and funding specific candidates means that candidate owes you more than the party.

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