Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Establishment Plan To Get Rid of Trump

The Republican establishment does not like Trump. They do not dislike him because he wants to keep out illegal aliens, that is something the RNC has supported in the past as have most of the establishment candidates. They don't hate him because he distrusts the Muslim world, the Republican is vehemently anti-Arab Muslims and are happy to bomb innocent civilians to take out a couple of ISIS members, they certainly don't mind collateral damage. They do not hate him because of his stance on abortion as the party is split over the issue. So why do they hate him? They hate him because they do not own him, he is his own man, good, bad or indifferent.

Now lets talk about how the wealthy that control the party are going after Trump. In July they laughed at him and said his was a joke candidacy, not serious and being done just to get publicity. In August they began looking for a new dismissal of his candidacy by saying nobody would take him seriously and that he was too crude. In September and October they were saying that his support was not going to last and that he would soon drop in the polls, he went up again anyways. In November and December they began attacking him for every brash comment he made, they said he was extreme for promoting the same things the party promoted because he used crude words. He continued to rise in the polls. Sometime in December they began to understand that the old tricks would not work with the public when it came to Trump. Their tactics are old and everybody knows it. The tactics are the ones designed by the media and political consultants to knock a candidate out of a race. He went up in the polls anyways.

Because nothing has managed to hurt Trump, the establishment has decided it is time to take out the other non-establishment candidates starting with Cruz and Carson. They believe that if all the other candidates go away, the voters will pick Jeb. They have made an incredibly stupid tactical mistake. During World War II, Germany could have invaded England and taken it over; but, when England did not fall as quickly as expected (mainly because America was illegally helping Britain as we were not yet in the war). they turned to the east and put all their resources into attacking Russia. Germany ended up losing that war on both fronts. It is particularly amusing to see the wealthy stick to Bush who is in the single digits while saying that Cruz and Carson who are in double digits should drop out of the race. Here is an article, read and think.

Yahoo - CNBC - Trump? Carson? Here's who should drop out. They believe if Carson drops out his votes will go to Bush or maybe Rubio. People who support Carson and people who support Cruz do not like Rubio much or Bush at all. At best half of Carson's voters would go to Trump and that would give him 45% in the polls. The article claims that candidates should literally drop out so that Bush can get their votes.

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