Monday, February 1, 2016

Iowa Caucus Today

Today people in the first state to effect the presidential primaries vote. For the Republicans Trump has a slight advantage in the polls over the others. I still say he may not win the caucus. In fact, if he does win it will likely mean he gets the nomination and that the Republican party "leaders" (the rich and powerful) lose. It is the only type of vote where the party has the advantage over the party voters. The polls are so good for Trump in the rest of the nation that even in Florida (where Jeb Bush was elected governor and Rubio was one of their congressman) Trump has a commanding lead. In Florida Trump has 48%, Rubio 11% and Bush only has 9.5%. He is dominating his opponents in the states that they are from, this is incredible.

If the Republican party leaders are able to put Trump in a second or third place finish in Iowa it won't matter. He will destroy them in the first real primary in New Hampshire. What happens when Trump takes Florida and New York? What happens if Trump takes California? Those few states alone can determine the election. Do you understand that everyone of the candidates knows who is leading the polls in their party in each of those states and it is not being discussed by the media.

The media and the political hack class  all want to get you to focus on abortion, gay marriage and marijuana laws. They are all meaningless issues that you cannot effect. Do you believe that while there are pills that will cause babies to be aborted that a law will stop them from being used? If billions of dollars in drugs like heroin and cocaine can be brought into this country each year that abortion pills could be prevented from coming here? Do you really believe any law will prevent homosexuals from engaging in homosexual acts, death penalties did not. Do you really believe that Marijuana was used less when it was illegal in the United States or that alcohol stopped being sold in the United States during prohibition? If we changed all those laws would it bring jobs back?

I recently heard someone say that we spent more on education and health than most other western countries, yet, we are failing to provide universal healthcare or quality educations. If our taxes are higher than other nations then shouldn't we better in those areas than the Scandinavian countries and the European nations? Why do we give government loans to people attending private colleges when we have state colleges that we could fully fund and people could attend for free and it would cost less. You know, our children.

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