Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Trump and Sanders Win New Hampshire Primary

Both Trump and Sanders easily took New Hampshire with about 20 points more than second place. If Trump and Sanders take South Carolina and Nevada, this race will be grim for the other candidates. This fact is even more striking for the Republican field. The funniest thing is that the mainstream media cannot accept the fact that either won. At what point does the establishment of either party recognize that they are no longer in control of their parties. It should be obvious seeing as how congress has less than a 10 percent approval rating, business as usual is not working and everybody knows it. The Republicans may want to blame Obama; but, the reality is that both parties are despised and have lied to us by selling this country out and we all know it.

People do not believe we should give tax breaks to companies that outsource American jobs to China. People believe that the big banks have rigged the system and the fact that those companies have had to pay tens of billions of dollars because they were caught rigging the markets is proof that they did. People are tired of a congress that only supports the rich.

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