Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Orlando Mass Murder

I want to begin with two things that have saddened me. First and foremost I want to express my sincere concern over the people who were killed at a gay club in Orlando by a Muslim terrorist. I am disgusted by how the mass media is playing out the story by either blaming Obama (Fox) or blaming Trump (Hillary Clinton). I understand politics and I understand that politicians and the media are opportunists who attempt to push their propaganda whenever something happens. I personally attempt to wait a few days after something like this before I comment out of respect and in order to think rather than react.

Neither Trump nor Obama are responsible for what happened in Orlando. The shooter is responsible. The truth is that non-Muslims have done mass shootings in the United States and there has been bombings in the United States by people who claim to be Christian. Let's face facts, sick people do sick things. Not everyone is allowed to drive a car, you need a license. In fact, after serving their sentence felons are allowed to drive; but, not buy a gun. We do restrict who can own guns. We also restrict which weapons people can own, you cannot own an atomic bomb or a ballistic missile and need special licensing to own explosives like dynamite.

Here is something interesting, Donald Trump said maybe we should think about keeping people on terrorist watch lists from owning guns. Even after that, he was attacked on the left and right, by gun right activists and by anti-gun people. Neither side wants rationality or common sense, they fight for all or nothing and we get more mass shootings. More people have been killed by assault rifles in the last five years than deer.

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