Thursday, September 1, 2016

Self Driving Cars, Propaganda and Tax Cheats (Apple).

AP - World's first self-driving taxis debut in Singapore.  Still think this is decades away?

MSN - Self-Driving Cars Are Coming For Your Jobs.  The author of the post says, yes, millions of jobs will be eliminated; but, stop whining and don't worry.

Bloomberg- The Robot Surgeon of Your Nightmares Can Wiggle Its Way Inside You.  Even technical jobs will disappear.

MSN - AFP - Trump victory could cause global recession: Citigroup.  Of course we should trust Citigroup, they may have been a big part of the global economic crash that we have already had; but, next crash they are going to blame Trump rather than their own policies.

The Washington Times - Climate-change activists call for tax policies to discourage childbirth. It is not about climate change, they just don't need this many people to keep the machines working.

Yahoo - US taxpayers could end up covering Apple's back taxes in Ireland.  Apple will not pay their United States taxes; but, may ask for a U.S. tax deduction for taxes they are paying in Ireland. Is this not insanity that it would even be considered?

Independent - The new TTIP? Meet TISA, the 'secret privatisation pact that poses a threat to democracy'.  Another treaty, another takeaway of personal freedom and national choice.

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