Saturday, October 15, 2016

Clinton, a Crooked New York Politican and Speeches to the Big Banks.

So suddenly I find I am getting a lot of traffic looking up Elliott Broidy and hits to a post from a couple of years ago about him. I searched to see why Mr. Broidy was in the news again and found out that there is yet another attempt to attack Trump based on his connection to Trump. That connection is that Broidy, who has been a long time fundraiser for the Republicans, is working on the committee that is raising money for the Presidential campaign where half the money goes to the local Republican groups. I wrote about this when it first came up maybe a year ago. I didn't bother following up because there is nothing to follow up on.

Now, it only takes a little reading to see that I am NO friend of Mr. Broidy's and have pointed out his criminality in the past. Heck, one of my major tags is Pension Fraud and that is what he is filed under. Still, today Mr. Broidy and my friends at CIM Group can rest assured that this is not another post about any of them. I may have to get into Mr. Alan Hevesi, the man who solicited the bribes from Mr. Broidy. Nope, I am here to talk about the media and show you how it is playing you and attempting to deflect upcoming WikiLeaks from hurting Hillary. Huffington Post - Trump Won Tax Breaks While Donating Tens Of Thousands To Corrupt Official. Of course, the Observer reported this in 2006, Hillary: Enough Hevesi Already.  A quote from the article, "“This is not a pleasant experience for those of us who are friends of his.”If Mr. Hevesi were elected and then removed or resigned, she said pointedly, the governor is entitled to appoint a successor".

Firstly, there were a bunch of articles in the last couple of days about how Donald Trump contributed to Alan Hevesi's campaign. Okay, doesn't really say anything, a New York businessman contributed to a Democrats political campaign. Did I leave out that Hevesi is a Democrat? Look it up, it is true. Heck, Trump contributed to the Clinton campaigns. Here is an algebra question, if you believe every political campaign Trump contributed was a crook then you believe the Clintons are crooks. Lets look a little deeper. Did you know that the Clintons were friends with Hevesi? That didn't seem to make it into the articles about Trump. In fact, a 2009 article in the New York Daily News was headlined, "Bill Clinton's pal earned huge pension fees: Marvin Rosen's firm got millions during Hevesi reign".

Here is what is coming. WikiLeaks is going to release items showing that the Clintons were working with Hevesi. These articles are a pre-emptive strike. Another article today from the AP tries to show that Hillary attempted to get Bill Clinton to not give a speech to the big banks WHILE she was campaigning in Iowa. MSN - AP - Email: Clinton campaign sought to cancel Wall Street speech.  After "cooling down", according to the article, she later. Wait, the article actually says, if you bother reading it, that Hillary wanted him to still give the speech and only later "cooled down" and told him not to. That is sort of the opposite of what the title of the article implies. Hmmm.

So, what we have are stories in the last couple of days about Hevesi and Trump and Bill Clinton giving highly paid speeches to the banksters while she is working on her campaign in Iowa. Hmmm. I forgot, in the last couple of days I also read an article about how these same banks are afraid that if Hillary wins she will be tough on them. LOL. Yeah. Wouldn't that be biting the hand that feeds you, the same one who you tell the truth to in private while lying to those average American deplorables and basement dwellers?

Yeah, if the Clinton supporters in the media are all talking about the banks, Hevesi and Clinton speeches at the same time then expect WikiLeaks to release something regarding the Clintons ties to these things in the next few days and it will be serious.

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