Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Cat Pack

According to multiple sources, including the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), there is going to be a takeoff on Oceans 11 with a female cast. I am not making this up and it is going to be called "Oceans 8". So right off the bat they are short changing them by 3.

This is just a stupid idea and I will explain why. One of my daughters and I have had many conversations about the new Ghostbusters and why it failed. We both agreed it was a dumb idea and it was. Lets start with the audience that you are seeking out. Adolescent boys. What do adolescent boys like? Well, they like adventure movies where they can imagine themselves as the hero and pretty women. Now, "Charlie's Angels" proved that you boys would ignore the hero part as long as the women were beautiful. If you think that is sexist, IT IS. Young boys are reacting to physical urges not deep seated well thought out philosophies.

Here is the other thing, why keep putting women in remakes? Why not just make an original film? Wait, I know how Hollywood works, it is pretty simple since the globalist took over the studios. The reason you have so many remakes is because it is lazy. If this story worked then lets just remake it and use women. You don't see anyone remaking "Thelma and Louise" with two men.

What if we did this. What if we required every remake to be made on a smaller budget than the original, think they would do as many remakes? Nope. Hollywood is hype, not substance. Be well and forget about politics for a bit. #NotMyPresident...For Real" and imagine Hillary.

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