Friday, December 2, 2016

The Economy and Trump

Washington Post - Trump just scored perhaps the biggest victory of his new tenure. But it comes with a huge asterisk.  Lets start with the fact that the Washington Post hates Trump and go back and look at the links I posted to their articles over the last year and a half. They knew Trump was going to win the electoral college six months ago and back then were talking about how electors could be faithless to stop him from winning while still saying it was impossible for him to win. They knew the polls were lies. Well, Trump convinced Carrier (the air conditioner manufacturer) to keep 1,000 jobs in the United States that were scheduled to be sent to Mexico and he did it in a brilliant way. He threatened to not give their parent company government contracts and the parent company makes war machines.

The only thing the United States makes in the United States is war machines. It provides the best jobs here and it is a crime and treason to give those patents to other countries. LOL. In fact, it is an international crime to sell nuclear secrets and many other weapon secrets. Real hard to outsource. Trump knew that these companies are connected and that subsidiaries are an illusion. Why haven't we done this before? Why didn't Obama do it before? Why did Bush allow Halliburton, the people who make the most money from supplying the army, keep their headquarters in the United States and allow them to move their headquarters to Dubai? You think Halliburton might be just a little bit concerned right now. It was a brilliant move, period. I wish I had thought of it.


So I started this post yesterday and did not finish it. Today the media responded to Trump saving these manufacturing jobs.

Yahoo - CNBC - Trump's Carrier speech 'absolutely chilling,' economic analyst says.

MSN - USA Today - Carrier incentives stir debate over 'rewarding' offshoring.

The response to saving manufacturing jobs is to say that it is a bad thing. Huh? You have to scratch your head and wonder why keeping manufacturing jobs here is a bad thing. The answer is depressing. For the past 40 years the politicians have all been owned by the business class. The government has been unresponsive to the voters. Trump has shown he meant what he said and that bothers the owners who were used to doing whatever they want.

Let me say it again. They don't care about you or this country and do not like the fact that you can vote to change the rules and control the companies. They don't like democracy, they don't like a strong middle class and they like rigging the system. Trump they fear will fight back.

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