Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Coastal Bias

Here is what people in New York, Washington and California do not understand and it is simple. Let me start with a hypothetical. Imagine waking up in California, where I live, and finding that the entertainment and tech industries had just stopped being here and moved to China. The studios would close and quickly become rundown, the people who support those industries would move away and the state would begin to deteriorate quickly. Imagine if the Financial Industry moved from New York to London, same thing. The physical pillars of American capitalism such as the skyscrapers of New York would sit empty just like the factories of the Midwest and nobody would maintain them. If you doubt what it would look like, look at the abandoned skyscrapers of Detroit.

That is what has happened throughout most of the Midwest and when those people asked for improvement in their lives they were told they were angry, racist, uneducated, sexist, xenophobic and homophobic. Do you really think those people will really be returning to the Democratic party soon? To this day those people are still being vilified by the media on the coast and they have no way to respond because they lost control of the media in their states to New York and Los Angeles and the six multinational companies that own 90%  of the media in the United States.

Who represents the working class now? Not the Libertarians, they believe it is everyone for themselves. Not the Democrats as they have decided to represent minorities and foreigners and have embraced open borders and globalism. Not the Green Party which is quite alright with killing industries in America. The only person who actually reached out to them was Donald Trump. Biden and Bill Clinton begged Hillary to reach out to them and she didn't because she had the media on her side and the big banks. She felt she didn't need them and they heard that. She went as far as saying that she was going to end all coal mining in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and other states. What did she offer them in exchange? She offered them federal support and funding for abortion, gay marriage (long after Trump had already supported it) and open borders. Is it really that hard to understand why they didn't vote for her?

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