Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Jackie Evancho, Juliet Evancho and Donald Trump.

Jackie Evancho is a 16 year old singer. She came in second on America's Got Talent when she was 11. She sings what is now called Classic, a combination of classical music, opera and a certain style of more modern songs that still require real vocal talent. I have attended two of Miss Evancho's concerts and enjoyed them immensely. I am pretty sure I wrote about both of them at the time. When her brother came out as transgender, I wrote about that too. Actually, I wrote about Juliet to bring up issues unrelated to her personally, bigger issues, things for people to consider about themselves. I do that sometimes, use actual facts to investigate issues that might otherwise be overlooked.

Miss Evancho agreed to sing the national anthem at Donald Trumps inauguration. She was immediately vilified in the papers which claimed they didn't even know who she was. Lets talk about the press. If your job is to write articles about the news, wouldn't you investigate first. If the writers had investigated they would have found that she was the youngest person ever to go platinum.  Take a moment and think about that because the reporters never mentioned it. Instead they said she was a nobody trying to help her career until they discovered Juliet Evancho was transgender. Yeah.

After discovering Miss Evancho had a transgender sibling they stopped talking about her; but, she was already receiving death threats from people for singing the national anthem at the presidential inauguration from so many open minded and loving people who acted like she was a Nazi. Thanks New York Times and Washington Post for showing just who you are.

Miss Evancho did not need to sing at Trump's inauguration. In fact it may or may not hurt her career long term; but, she did it anyways and she will not be stopped. She is an amazing young lady. I think I know why she accepted the invitation and it is quite simple. Her sibling, Juliet, is seeking transgender rights to use the bathroom. During the election Trump was asked which bathroom he would make Caitlyn Jenner use (transgender previously known as Bruce Jenner) and Trump said he did not care which bathroom she used. Jenner then entered Trump tower and used the women's restroom without a problem.

When Elton John married his partner Trump sent him a congratulatory letter; but, Elton is a douche and declined to sing at Trump's inauguration because he is a punk. Cher said she would move to another country if Trump won; but, unfortunately she has not. Funny, Cher has a transgender offspring, previously named Chastity and now named something else. Sorry, I really don't care what change she made to her name; but, would learn it if I was to meet him. Why should I have to do more research than major newspapers that claimed they don't know who Jackie Evancho is? Why didn't Cher at least recognize Trump for supporting the rights of her son who used to be her daughter?

Oh my, where is all of this going? I believe Miss Evancho is singing at the inauguration because Trump supported her transgender sister's right to be whatever she is. Miss Evancho's response to reporters questions was to say only that her family has been under scrutiny (read attack) ever since her sister came out as transgender. I believe Miss Evancho is singing at the inauguration to support transgender rights and the media does not want you to know that, it messes up the narrative they wish to manipulate you with.

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