Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Political Hysteria

Lena Dunham famously came out and said that she wished she had had an abortion. To be kind she was trying to say she wished she had stood up for that right; but, her words betrayed something deeper. Imagine if she had said that she wished she had been raped. What if she said she wished she had been raped so that she could justify her abortion. Read that again and instead of having an emotional response, think about the statement she did make.

How bout this, what if she said she had wished she had had a cavity. That is a pretty non-political thing. Why does someone wish they had anything bad happen to them? Or, maybe does she not see getting pregnant and not wanting to be a good thing? I personally don't know any women that "wanted" to have an abortion. I do know a few who didn't want to be pregnant and had abortions; but, it's not like they were actually looking forward to the procedure or even the idea of it. I think they would have preferred to not have gotten pregnant in the first place.

We are witnessing political hysteria and irrationality. Passion occurs among the ignorant, compassion occurs when you do understand people's pain. Compassion is calm and caring, it is understanding and empathetic, it seeks to understand others pain not their faults. That is called maturity. Passion blinds us to our own opinions, compassion allows us to see where others are coming from. Passion is selfish, it is done to express our feelings. Compassion is done for others for their feelings.

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