Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Media, Trump and Not Discussing the Real News

Couchgate is the new media focus. Just like the boy who cried wolf the corporate media is once again demonstrating their bias and lack of relevance. A group picture in the oval office was taken showing Kellyanne Conway sitting with her feet underneath her on a couch. This made the news for two days and was presented as a scandal. How is this news? It isn't.

The thing about the corporate media is that they are globalist and they are monopolistic. A story this stupid should not have been covered at all; but, instead all the major publications talked about it. The corporate media will talk about garbage like this and spend almost no time investigating why anti-trust laws are not being enforced or how your tax dollars are used to subsidize private companies through grants.

Consider all the talk in the corporate media about Trump's taxes. How many times have you heard the corporate media show how much they pay in taxes? If you make over around $100,000 a year, you will pay over 30% in taxes; but, the corporate media doesn't pay that and neither do most companies because the vast majority of tax breaks are for larger companies. We actually promote monopolies by giving them tax incentives to consolidate; but, that isn't discussed in the news.

By the way, here is an article showing how Michele Obama sat with her foot on the chair in the white house.

Yahoo - The Wrap - Kellyanne Conway Puts Her Feet Up in Oval Office, Twitter Goes Berserk.

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