Friday, March 24, 2017

Rights, What do You Have a Right To?

When you are born, you are born to an equal right to everything in the world. People are not born entitled to more than anyone else. We are all born as deserving as everyone else is born. There is no moral justification for accepting that men can be born slaves. I think everyone agrees with this in principal; but, then it gets political.

How do you justify saying that you have a right to be born into being your slave? The kings and queens actually believe that the gods or god has found them specially deserving of owning others and countries. Let me put it another way, what do you the right to inherit? What advantage are you entitled to over others because of whose vagina you came out of?

As a society, what do new members have a right to once allowed here? If one only has a right to what they "earn" then you don't have a right to inherit ANYTHING. You didn't earn your parents stuff.

If you tell children that they have a right to NOTHING, then they have no reason to respect your right to anything either. If you tell them they are born into debt, then they have moral right to take anything they can from you because if they can be born into debt and you are born into wealth, they are born slaves and don't have to respect anything you have.

Let me put this is a historical perspective, consider Polynesia. Children were born on islands where there we only 2,000 people. If one person or even two could own everything on that island and you were just born, what moral reason would you have for accepting that. When one person owns and controls everything you are living in a despot controlled totalitarian world. That is how it was in England. You could not hunt in the Kings woodlands.

Look beyond all the social training you have had and ask the most fundamental questions outlined above. When less than .01% of all the people born on earth are automatically entitled to own 90% of all that is, you live in a despot controlled, totalitarian oligarchy. For there to be a social contract, nobody can come into this world entitled to nothing or in debt or in slavery while another is born owning everything.

Rights do not exist unless they come from God and that applies to Atheists too. Sometimes it is just easier for them to see. Funny, I am not talking to the atheists, I am talking to the Christians. Some will say that God has chosen our leaders, that may have been chosen at one time, does it apply today. God spoke to Solomon, do you think he spoke to Bill Clinton? How bout George Bush? What about Stalin, Hitler or Pol Pot?

What you are seeing right now in politics internationally is the wealthy moving to establish a world where you own nothing and are born having a right to nothing and will be unable to earn anything. That is what happens when human labor is no longer needed and you are not born wealthy.

I do not know why so many are suddenly reading this blog, I almost wrote about the relationship between men and women today and may finish that post yet; but, I was watching a video with Kristen Bell at some sort of women's conference and she said something that made me think of this and I don't remember what it was. Still, this is what it made me consider.

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