Thursday, April 20, 2017

Bad Corporate Media.

I am going to show you the corporate media lying two times in a row about irrelevant facts about Trump. You don't have to like Trump, he is not the issue, a monopolistic, oligarchic media is. The election is over, Trump is president. Those are just facts. The media's attempts to manipulate reality are disgusting and real.

Sports Illustrated - MSN - Patriots clarify White House turnout photos for President Obama vs. President Trump. Yeah, the New York Times posted pictures of the New England Patriots meeting with Obama in 2015 and Trump a couple of days ago and attempted to prove that fewer people from the team came to Trump's celebration of their win. Problem is, the people included in the photos were different. In the most recent photo the staff were sitting for the photo shoot and were not on the stairs with the players. Sports Illustrated and the New England Patriots had to point out that the New York Times was lying. Maybe Sports Illustrated should get a Pulitzer Prize for proving that the New York Times were a bunch of liars.

The other big story in the last couple of days had to do with Trump signing some kid's "Make America Great Again" hat at an Easter celebration and throwing it into a crowd so the kid couldn't get it. Problem is, that is also a lie as a second camera proved. Still, that didn't stop the corporate media writing about it as if it were a real thing.

YouTube - TRUMP's WEIRD Easter Hat Throw| What's Trending Now

The guy in the video doesn't even like Trump and shows that Trump did send it back to the kid. Half a news cycle was spent lying about the frickin hat. If Trump sneezes they accuse him of a crime. During the campaign they tried to vilify him for liking his steaks well done, I wrote about it at the time. I didn't think the corporate media could get any sillier; but, I was wrong, now they just flat out lie about meaningless facts to vilify him.

I remember the little boy who cried wolf story. The media is killing whatever trustworthiness they ever had. You simply cannot trust the corporate media and I saw a very good video attempting to explain this.

YouTube - Sargon of Akkad - Understanding Fake News. I think it is a good rough summary of what and why and how we are seeing more garbage come out of the corporate and alt media.

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