Monday, April 3, 2017

More on Pastor Daniels and the Grand Jury.

Oklahoma News - The Morning Brew: Anadarko cold case under grand jury scrutiny

newson6 - Multi-County Grand Jury Involved In Anadarko Cold Case


Linda Dunlap said...

Dear Friend

Thank you for caring about my sister-in-law, Pastor Carol Daniels and our family.
Last year, we were told by investigators that there was information given to them about 3 suspects involved in the murder and that they were all women. One was young and drove the car. The other 2 went in and did the killing. Supposedly a robbery gone bad.

Most of the family doesn't believe it was a botched robbery. She was still wearing a ring on her finger, according to the autopsy report. No one used her ATM card.
The murderers went to great lengths to demonstrate rage, hate and cover up their DNA evidence.

We haven't heard anything new since the Grand Jury convened.

Pimpernel said...

Dear Ms. Dunlap,

Thank you for your kind words. They are undeserved. I have done nothing great. I cannot claim some great purpose behind my writing about your sister in law. I can honestly say that I lose all ability to respond rationally to you or your family. I never thought you would read my words or that anyone associated with this case would.

When I see updates to the case I post them because I know that people following the case read the posts. I deserve no thanks and send my continued best wishes to you and your family.