Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I Have To Write a Document

I have to write something up by the weekend for someone. I said I would so I will but it won't be posted here, it is for a business. I don't have a lot to write about tonight because I have been on the phone all day. Literally, on the phone all day.

I guess the most talked about article of the day was Kathy Griffin's photo shoot of her holding Trump's bloody head as if she had decapitated him. Discussing what she did is like shooting fish in a barrel. To tell you the truth, I think she was just looking to become relevant for a day and saw an easy target; but, it backfired. I don't think she was anymore serious than the celebrities that promised to leave the country if Trump won and she may have been one of them. Yet, here they still live. Because she is so stupid, she is now an easy target. Lets all agree she is an idiot and sort of disgusting and move on to the real things that matter. Avoid all distractions and center on the issues. What happens when we lose half of all our jobs? That is much more important than whether or not Kathy Griffin is a skank or vile.

How many times must I repeat this. This country did not have an economic collapse because of gays, bigots, Muslims, illegal aliens, white males, blacks, jews, xenophobes or the ill informed or even Kathy Griffin. It was American corporations that sent manufacturing overseas and our banking institutions that bankrupted the country. Follow the money, not the unfunny.

We all get frustrated and we all get pissed. I know I do. We can stamp our feet, point out others personal short comings, victimize ourselves for sympathy or focus on the things that really are changing this world and we are not discussing. Chelsea Clinton came out and attacked Griffin for what she did, is this worth dogpiling up on? Going after this is like going after Trump for liking two scoops of ice cream. It is stupid. You say it once and move on.

I have to write this correspondence; but, I will reading the news and back with something more important than Ms. Griffin in a couple of days.

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