Friday, June 2, 2017

Media Avoidance and Bilderberg

I wrote a motion for a legislator today. It was pretty good and we will see if it achieves it's goal. The person who is making the motion has never met me and probably never will. I was asked to write it by someone else. I was told what everyone was attempting to achieve and just put it into words and provide background as an expert in the area in question. I enjoyed writing it and while I don't write these types of things very often anymore, it was still really easy for me. I don't get writers block and am very fast and strategic in my business writing.

Oddly enough one might expect that my business writing would not be as good as it once was; but, the truth is that this blog keeps me current and my writing limber. It feels good to know I still have it. My readers know that I read everything and I do it everyday. I know my readers don't have the free time to spend all day following the details of every news event so I try to do it for them and then provide links so they can check me and read the source documents if they so choose. That is the responsibility of anyone trying to inform people. I don't use unnamed anonymous sources because you cannot check them yourself.

The Bilderberg Group met today and that barely made the news. I didn't see the New York Times or the Washington Post talk about it. I think the first time the Washington Post wrote about it was in 2012 and the group has been meeting since 1954. For 63 years this group has been meeting with the biggest power players in the world and most people still have not heard about it. The media floods you with news about the Kardashians; but, almost nothing about these meetings.

The number of Democratic and Republican politicians who have attended this over the years is stunning and the number who have discussed it with the country is zero, also stunning. George H. W. Bush was a participant as was Bill Clinton and later Hillary Clinton. Gerald Ford was a participant and all of them did it before they became President and none of them talked about it. Many famous members of the media have attended these meeting; but, they haven't talked about the meetings either. They have time to report on what Trump ate for breakfast but not what the leaders of the world think about where we should all be headed.

Kings and Queens attend Bilderberg along with politicians, members of the media, academics and business leaders. The Bohemian Grove is a collection of the same types in a social setting. Bilderberg is not a social meeting, it is all business. So what is the avowed purpose of the Bilderberg Group? According to Andrew Kakabadse, ".The theme at Bilderberg is to bolster a consensus around free market Western capitalism and its interests around the globe". If you want to see what they talk about read their agendas, they are posted online and I posted their current agenda yesterday on this blog. Here is my question, if they believe the things they discuss are the most important issues then why don't they let everyone see and hear their discussions?

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