Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hypocrites and Donald Trump Jr.

So the new line of garbage is that Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian and that the Russian offered to give information about how Hillary was getting money from Russians or some such garbage. Well, Hillary did get money from Russian bankers, they paid Bill a half million dollars to give in speech in Russia after she approved the deal where 20% of U.S, Uranium is now owned by Russia. The Huffington Post posted this.

Huffington Post - Exactly Why Donald Trump Jr.’s Meeting With A Russian Lawyer Could Be Illegal.

The article claims that it is illegal for anyone to get anything from a foreigner that might be useful to a candidate. It claims that a Russian offered Donald Trump Jr information about Hillary and that could be a crime. Lets break this down. Firstly, they misstate the law, information is not a brief. The law is about money or promises of money or something else of similar nature. Secondly, you can refuse to take money but not hear someone. Thirdly, there is no claim that Donald Jr used anything was told, in fact, the campaign for his father never claimed Hillary was doing what the Russian who spoke to Donald Jr claimed she was. Finally, and the real point of this post, the DNC hired an English ex spy to write a dossier to hurt Trump, you know the one that claimed Trump had prostitutes piss on a bed that the Obamas had slept in. That is the hypocritical part.

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