Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Transgenders in the Military

Body dysmorphic disorder is basically a mental disorder whereby the person rejects their body as it is. The person with the disorder may starve themselves to death (anorexia) or seek out unnecessary body modification (the person who wants to be turned into a cat or other extreme forms of plastic surgery) or even the removal of healthy body parts (transgenderism).

Lets just deal with some basic facts. If you don't like the political implications then at least don't be a science denier. Do not associate transgender with homosexuality, they are different things. I have known many gays and only one was transgender. It is estimated that the suicide rate for transgender people is 41%. The problem they face is that no matter where you go, there you are. You do not change because you change your body, you keep the same mind and pain.

I have previously written that I don't care about who uses the bathroom and I still don't. I do have a problem with body mutilation. Funny thing is there are people who don't believe in circumcision but are completely fine with complete sex change operations. If someone came into a doctors office and said they were a one armed man in a two armed body and wanted one of their arms remove, what would your response be? Wouldn't you treat it as a psychological problem?

President Trump tweeted out that he wouldn't allow transgender people in the military and we shouldn't. The military should not be where you go to get free transgender operations. You also should not be able to get the prison system to pay for it. Neither gives free face lifts.

For me the issue is even simpler. Has there suddenly been a rash of people who have had sex change operations signing up for military service that I haven't heard about? This is a made up problem, it is a distraction from real issues. You want to know a real issue? Universal healthcare is a real issue and universal healthcare should not include sex change operations or face lifts, those are highly elective and should be paid for by the person. While I support a woman's right to control their own body and favor free condoms and birth control, abortions are an elective surgery too and should also be paid for by the person choosing it. The right to choose does not include the right to not pay for your choices. In fact, I believe their should be a tax on most plastic surgery to pay for universal healthcare. I don't know the current number but 60% of all surgeries used to be elective plastic surgeries, like liposuction and face lifts. Both of which take doctors away from doing necessary surgeries.

Male and female are not descriptions of gender identification, they are medically defines by your chromosomes, not by your opinion. XX or XY genes. Putting silicon breast implants in someone and removing their penis does not make them a woman or change their genetic makeup (though that may come someday). Find me a biologist that would disagree.

Another place where we find science deniers is on the issue of abortion. In everything except abortion we accept genetics as determining your species. Genetically unborn babies are still human. Life, according to science, is when a being exhibits certain traits, such as gas exchange, cell duplication and other actual conditions that can be married. To say that an unborn baby is not a living human is scientifically a lie. To say that we have a right to control what a woman's body is slavery and I am against outlawing abortion because I don't believe in slavery; but, that doesn't change the science.

The fact is that these issues only truly effect the person involved. So why is the discussion of transgender people in the military getting so much discussion right now. Simple, to distract from the GOPs failure to get Obamacare repealed or do anything about taxes. It's funny how Republican politicians who are against gay marriage are suddenly outraged that Trump said transgender people should not be in the military. The same people who are against universal healthcare supporting transgender rights in the military. That alone should raise a red flag and rather than getting upset, you should understand how you are being manipulated.

As an aside, the way you know you are hearing a nonsense argument is the set up. Why do people always seek to talk about gays when talking about child molesters and transgender  people, it is not the same thing. Two men having sex is not the same as a grown adult man having sex with a ten year old boy. A man having his penis removed is not the same as a man who has sex with other men. I personally find comparing having women and blacks in the military to having people who want to remove healthy parts of their body vastly different and an insult to the women and minorities in the military. I should also point out that I have zero problem with gays in the military.

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