Monday, July 24, 2017

Why Europe Wanted Unfettered Migration.

Have you ever met wealthy people who feel they are superior to you? I have. I have seen the face of those who feel the world owes them. I knew a billionaire; but, he was not that way and neither was his family. Most self made people believe in meritocracy. The wealthy in England used to look down on new money, self made people. Self made people do not run this world.

We tax just about every form of income except one, inheritance. When we attempt to tax that it is referred to as a death tax. You cannot tax the dead, they are dead and own nothing. Why don't we tax inherited income as we tax earned income? We tax lottery winnings as income. Why? If I inherit money isn't it still income to me?

"Old money", people whose family have a history of running the world, feel entitled and look down on the rest of us. They send their children to special schools to learn how to manage the world and the rest of us. They don't learn the same things in school, not even the dumb ones.

I want you to see what young rich children learn, lets look at one of the schools they attend. Phillip's Academy, Andover.

Course of Study.

They can learn Latin, Chinese, Arabic, Russian or a bunch of others. They take classes in all of the arts. Read the course of study by clicking the link above. That is what their high schools are like. Do I have to explain what public high schools teach? The playing field has never been level and probably never will be. We make the situation even worse by not giving all children a free education equal to the education that those they compete with will have.

I had a friend in college, he was born to wealth. He lived in a penthouse in Boston and would piss away $25,000 on a weekend in Vegas in the 1980s. Very few people make it into grad school and most of them come from money because they can afford it and could afford to have gone to one of the better schools. I used to beat those people to a pulp academically; but, I have a over 155 IQ. All the education in the world cannot beat an idiot savant like me. Why shouldn't everyone get the same level of education? Because they don't want a fair race or meritocracy, they believe this is their world and we are parasites on it.

The non-populists elitists don't want a fair fight. They avoid a fair fight by keeping the vast majority ignorant and uneducated, only smart enough to read comics. Read that course of study, read the class outlines, read the whole darn thing to understand who your children are competing with. Imagine what the world would be like if all children were taught that well.

Imagine how kids that grew up with the superior education look at their contemporaries. I know how they look at us. In my first year of law school they didn't bother with me. After I got my first American Jurisprudence Award, they all wanted to be my friend and study partner. What none of them knew as that unlike everyone else, I was asked to apply to the school. I didn't seek them out, they sought me out. I didn't know the school until they invited me to attend. Did you know that we were not allowed to work the first year of law school? That was to keep out the poor. I lived on $25 a week and that included my cigarettes. This is not a meritocracy.

There is a term, it is offensive. House Nigger. A house nigger was a slave that didn't have to toil in the field, they ate better than the other slaves, they dressed better than the other slaves and were treated better. You had to treat them better because they could kill you with a knife as you slept because they were often your personal valet. Yet, they were still called niggers. I hope you find that offensive because I do and that is how old money looks at everyone else regardless of sex, race, color or sexual orientation or religion. We argue over which is worse, white, black, gay. straight, Muslim, Jew, whatever. They just question who is annoying them the most at the moment. I said it before, there are three guys on crosses, a Jew, a black and a white guy and they start arguing over who has it worse.

If you understood what I just wrote than maybe you can understand this. A document from the United Nations written in about 2000 has just come to light. It shows what I have written about for years, that the population curve n Europe is below sustainable levels. A nation or culture needs to have 2.11 children for every couple and we ain't making that in the west or Japan. We are not looking at overpopulation, we are looking at under population. We are looking at not having a replacement society in Europe.

If you wish to know why Europe is taking in so many "refugees", it is simple, they need people to replace their native populations that have chosen not to have children. If your slaves don't have children you buy new slaves. You move sheep by herding them. We don't even teach civics in school anymore. We don't teach the average person's kids how to manage societies.

Replacement Migration: Is It a Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations?

Yep, the United Nations was talking about the need for large numbers of people to migrate to Europe to replace their existing people in 2000. Were you told about that? Did you know that conversation was going on? What makes you think you live in a democracy, you live in an oligarchy.

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