Monday, January 3, 2011

A Hypothetical About The People in Charge

First a quick update. Those birds that died, well, they died from trauma to the chest. That would indicate that whatever hit them came from below them and covered a couple of miles.

Now to my hypothetical. In the last year or so I have been reading articles about things that in and of themselves seem unrelated; but, what if they are related. In Norway they have the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. A very large and expensive enterprise which is heavily guarded. We also have a mad rush worldwide to build bomb shelters. The Russians are building over 5,000, we don't know how many the Chinese are building and yes, the United States government is still building massive underground shelters.

I think I wrote about the giant city at sea that is being built for the wealthy. Now lets look at the weather, crazy stuff. We are being told there is coming global warming; but, it looks more like global freezing. The consequence is that we are going to green energy. What if the gulf spill, the mining explosions, the natural gas explosions were created in order for us to be willing to pay ten times the cost for green energy. If so, why the rush?

Green energy or renewable energy, what is it's advantage. I would say it is two-fold. Firstly, in order to use it you must be plugged into the electrical grid directly for easy tracking. In addition being plugged into the grid means that you can individually be denied access. The second "benefit" is that they don't need an industry to keep the power system up.

What could this all mean? Well, what if certain people know that there is something bad coming? Can we add to this the sudden discoveries of new animal species and categorizing of all animals worldwide. There seems to be a rush on to save something.

UPDATE: This literally just came in as I was writing this post. Hundreds of birds were found in Louisiana. This is interesting, different bird species.

Back to what I was talking about. If you wish to indulge me in my hypothetical conspiracy theory lets try this. If we put all these pieces together, oh yeah and throw in the FEMA camps. This starts to look more like preparations for a earth catastrophe of a natural order. A asteroid or polar shift or whatever, something natural. What about a solar flair of maximum intensity.

Now here is where it gets fun. Everything science truly knows about the universe is 25 years more advanced than what the average person is aware of. What if science had discovered that every 20 million years the sun sets off an enormous solar flair. One big enough to overheat the existing life forms.

If this were the truth (and no I don't think it is) then maybe you would come up with global warming as an excuse if you expect a rise in temperatures from solar flairs. You would do that if you didn't know that the solar cycle stops just before a big eruption. Did you know that there is a giant circle forming on the sun? There is and they say that they don't know what it means.

Just in case you think I believe this, let me reiterate, I am a Christian. I don't believe the world ends because of solar flairs. This is just a hypothetical.

If you were in charge of the government and knew that this solar flair was coming, what would you do? Wouldn't you try and save as many as possible? Wouldn't you rush to build renewable energy and save the seeds and categorize our world. I would try and save every book possible and every radio and television broadcast. Hey my first degree was in History.

How would you select who you saved? Would you pick the dumbest? Would you pick mediocre? You would pick the best and brightest, wouldn't you? What would you save and how would you pick? If you would pick the best and brightest, and you were not, would you go along with the criteria?

Good night all. Be well. I hope you enjoy thinking about how you would make the decision.

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