Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hi. I like playing poker and I love winning. I was playing poker and not thinking about my post tonight. But, you might want to investigate the bird deaths in Sweden. There were also some in Kentucky. Hmmmm.

Why do they keep telling us this is normal when we all know it is not? What is causing it? Think back to where they said it was hail or fireworks, if you bought that in Arkansas, will you will continue to buy that?

If my ex assistant bought that then I would have to beat him with a bat, not a baseball bat, with an actual bat. One is an anomaly. Two is a coincidence. Three is a pattern. That is basic logic. We have four or five of these in two days. That my friends is a pattern. Oh yeah, and 100 tons of fish died in Brazil for no apparent reason.

Lets look at what we know. Birds are being killed over large areas by blunt force trauma to the chest while in flight. The fact that it is over large areas is tough. Fish are dying by species over large areas at the same time. What could kill both fish and birds? I don't have an answer other than God. And I don't think it was him, I just don't have an answer and the ones I heard are garbage.

I will give it my best shot. Microwaves. Someone said that the birds had died from blunt force trauma to the chest and had blood clots. Microwaves is my best guess and I know the government uses them. On a lighter note, there was film of a missile being launched from the Texas gulf, very similar to the one that was launched off of California a few months back.

I don't know all the answers but I do know garbage when I hear it. AND if anyone guesses avian flu then you are no longer allowed to read this blog. Avian flu will not kill all the birds at the EXACT same time.

Be well. Just so everybody knows, I am blessed with friends and am securely set to move. I cannot express my gratitude enough to my friends. I may have lost all my money, I may have been cheated on, heck I may have lost everything I worked for on a bad beat; but, you know what. I am so incredibly blessed in my friendships and my family. I am gonna be okay and in a pretty good spot for an old fart.

I may discuss on occasion my personal situation; but, I always say, and it is true, that nobody needs to worry about me. I am so covered that it is pitiful. I lived my life in service to others. Not everyone appreciated it; but, when I was down, a whole lot of people stepped up and saved my worthless rump. I am still up and very grateful and have a lot of hope. Hopefully, someday you can read about the best thing that is ever going to happen to me and know it. Be well.

One last thing. A reader stopped me today, he has stopped me before. He told me how much he looks forward to my crazy posts. I personally thank him, that is why I bother. Because somebody reads the darn thing.

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