Wednesday, January 12, 2011


As I said before, I am in the process of moving. Part of the process was to get electricity and gas turned on in my new apartment. A couple of days ago I posted a request on line to turn on the utilities. I promptly received a call from a very nice lady who works at the utility company (Burbank Water and Power). She informed me that I needed to fax over a copy of the lease agreement. I told her I would and today I saw my new landlord and old friend who filled out the form and gave it to me.

When I got home I needed to find a place to fax it from. I found a Postal Store and had them fax it to the number. It took a couple of tries and eventually went through. As I left the store my phone began to ring, it was the lady from the utility company. She was following up to see when she would get the fax which I was holding in my other hand. I told her that I had just sent it as it came out of her fax. We both laughed.

I told the lady that I thought she had given A class service. I was impressed that she had followed up as she had told me I had till Thursday night. We had a nice laugh and I told her that I thought it was a good indication that I would like my new home, she said she was going to go out and buy a lottery ticket. I hope she does and that she wins.

Some things are meant to be. My move is meant to be. Everything just came together and I have the people and things I need to do this. It became so simple when it looked so daunting. God has certainly blessed me with all the right help that I need and Burbank is looking pretty darn good. I am meant to go home.

To long time readers they may remember posts that I made about my home, my Los Angeles. While I like the whole city, my favorite part is the San Fernando Valley, my home. Home is where the heart is and I have been away too long. I love the desert and am comfortable here; but, home will always be the San Fernando Valley. It just fits me.

I remember as a child driving from West Los Angeles into the valley at night, it was the most beautiful thing in the world. The San Fernando Valley is where World War II vets moved after the war. They came from all over the United States because they wanted something different. They had been raised in small towns, mostly rural, had killed in battle, seen Europe and wanted better. They moved to Los Angeles and created the suburbs.

Life is the valley was nice in the 60s, it was a unique place at a unique time. Young people from all over came to be hippies and musicians. They used to stand by the side of the road and sell flowers that they had picked or candles that they had made by hand.

The weather is wonderful, they have written songs about it. The mountains are simply wonderful. The attitude is generally pretty friendly. There is plenty to do and the valley is still about families. I was asked what I thought about my apartment and I said it was fine. To tell the truth anything would be fine in the valley. I never really thought about the apartment, I thought about where it was. It was home.

It has been a tough few years and I feel like the race is almost over. It is important to never let one's guard down until a task is completed. My life changes for the better in a few weeks. It changes for the better, there was a time when I thought that would never happen. Now it is about to happen.

Some things are just meant to be. Some people are destined for each other and some people are destined to come apart from each other. I am always where I am meant to be when I am there and so are you. We may or may not like it at the time; but, we are where we are meant to be and surrounded by the people we are meant to be around.

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