Thursday, January 13, 2011

Strange Days

I am sitting in my room listening to the sound of most of my stuff being packed inside a moving van. My cousin definitely had my back, he has done a great job at taking care of everything including me. Me he told to just do whatever in my room so I played poker.

Anyways, my dog and I like a fairly quiet environment. I am very much not into drama. We seem to like one or two quiet people around us and gentle play. Commotion, as occurs in a move, during my down time is not enjoyable. My cousin knows this about me and has been kind enough to keep me as removed as possible from it.

My thoughts are scattered. There was something I wanted to write. Oh yeah.

Any regular reader knows that I read lots of news sources. I pick up trends, things that I see in both alternate and mainstream news. One trend that I think we have all seen is the talk about 2012 (I don't think the world is gonna end). Another trend I have seen is the increase in talk about a coming "awakening". Supposedly in the near future we will all awaken to our true nature and have a greater understanding of the spiritual. Another trend is the argument by quantum physicists that there must be parallel universes for the physical universe to exist.

I have posted enough links in the past on quantum physics. If one wishes merely search for Stephen Hawkins. Then read the wikipedia article on him. Nuff said.

I was on "Above Top Secret" and had a reason to bring up quantum physics and religion in response to another persons post. It got me thinking. The physicists are saying that alternate universes exist. Isn't that what the bible says? I mean aren't heaven and hell alternate universes? They never bother saying what these universes are like, so, can't they be heaven and hell?

Now lets play with this chew toy for a bit. What if the coming "awakening" was to the fact that there is indeed a spirit realm. Hmmm. What if people could interact with spirits in this world, what effect would that have on people. Some, like the Chinese, would be fine with it (interacting with their ancestors). Some would say that it proves the eastern mystery religions and the occult. Christians and Jews would not like it because they are told to not interact with spirits. Muslims would not like it either, their evil spirits are called Jinn (like Genie) and are malevolent.

There was a movie, it was a cable movie, I think it was based on something that H.P. Lovecraft wrote. The movie takes place in the 30s or 40s and witchcraft is real. In the story a private detective is trying to solve a crime and everybody uses witchcraft and talks to demons. It makes the case a little harder to solve. People in the movie start using the magic in order to get what they want. I think he had it right.

If you could talk to spirits and get the winning lotto numbers, would you? I think most people would. I am pretty sure that my readers know that I would not. The movie was "Cast a Deadly Spell", I had to look it up. I have provided a link to the movies trailer.

My cousin has just informed me that the packing is done for the night and that they gave him the wrong size trailer for my car. I own a 1956 Nash Metropolitan. I was working on the car as a ground up restoration when my father got sick and have not worked on it since. He is taking it to store it for me till I am ready to do whatever with it. I had the engine rebuilt and balanced, the transmission rebuilt and the body was completely redone to original (even the original paint).

Back to what we were talking about. I have to point out that I have had more interruptions than I can count, including one that stopped in the middle of this sentence. What if the last trick the Devil did was to prove that he was real? What if he told you he was the Anti-Christ. With so many people hating God how many would be good with that? And then he let you use demons to gain what you desire, I bet some people would like that.

I like to play with "Revelations" because I cannot understand most of the imagery and I don't trust other people's interpretations. Instead, I take the parts we can understand and try to look at them in different ways. Imagine, like the movie "Legion" that Satan came to town and told you that "Revelations" was correct and that God was about to kick everybody's butt that wasn't a "true Christian". What would people do who didn't believe in Christ do?

The set up is perfect. Way too many "christians" tell people that they cannot be saved unless they know the name Jesus and who he is. On top of that are the people who really don't like God because life is not easy. Hey, the bible does not say that we will not know the anti-christ when he comes. It says he will perform miracles. What if everybody knew it was of Satan? That would be a good reason for the prophesied persecution of Christians.

By the way, to know Christ is not about knowing his name. People who lived before Christ were saved and went to heaven. That is what the bible says. To know Christ is simple, it is to know what he taught and then live by it. Love God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself. When asked he said, if you love me, you will do my will. His will was that we be in service to one another. Pretty simple stuff and we do fail often; but, we succeed too.

Please remember I am very distracted. My dog just completely flaked out, he is exhausted from barking at noises all day. He is not a bad doggie, he was abused, that is why he likes my calm way. He has a friend who just wants to relax and be nice to each other. He loves that, maybe more than he loves me; but, I don't think so. It is why he loves me and he loves me more. He went from a place of frantic and painful activity to a place of peace and quiet. He appreciates the change. He appreciates that someone cares.

That makes me think of something. The bible says that Satan is the ruler of this world, so what should we expect from this world, club Med? The "end times" are the end times for Satan's rule over this earth. That is what the bible says. People ask why God lets bad things happen, I think the answer is so that you can understand your choices. You got to know Satan before you can know God in order to make an informed decision.

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