Saturday, January 8, 2011

What not to do

I had a nice night last night. A friend and I just played poker on line. There were a lot of people at the house having a get together downstairs. Nice night, had a nice long sleep and woke to read the news.

First I got a text from my friend. He is in a live tournament and made the final table. I texted him to kiss rump. Then I read about the shooting in Tucson. I watched the kids video, he talked about currencies and mind control. No.

On this blog I talk about currency and the reality of how we are managed. These things are true; but, violence is wrong. Be good slaves Jesus told us. I agree. This life is a temporary learning place. Violence is the last thing we should learn.

Have faith, love one another, help one another, be kind, be gentle and refuse to be violent. You are not entitled to a playstation and the world does not owe you. It is better to live in the woods on your own than to live violently.

In poker there is a saying about steaming or being on tilt. It is when someone loses on a bad beat, a hand they should have won and played well, to a much lesser hand. After a bad beat some players lose control of their game. They play wildly, that is being on tilt. The same thing can happen in life. You take a bad beat and you go on tilt. Learning not to is the key.

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