Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pension Fraud, Redevelopment Agencies and the Useless Mainstream Media

Anyone who has been reading this blog from the beginning knows that I spent a lot of time putting the dots together regarding Community Redevelopment Agencies and their illegal interaction with public pension funds on shady investments. I also talked about the extreme corruption and bribery. I couldn't understand why the media in
California did not follow the trails.

Now Ron Kaye and Zuma Dogg are pulling up the same dots. They are both bloggers in the Los Angeles area with large followings, still the newspapers aren't posting this stuff or following up. According to Zuma Dogg subpoenas are being issued (finally) and yet I do not read about this in the LA Times or Daily News or even in the LA Weekly, I wonder why?

A number of years back when downtown was being converted to lofts I contacted the LA Weekly and gave them leads that would have taken this all public. I pointed out that the conversions were being done illegally, that asbestos removals were not being done properly (as anyone could see). In fact to remove asbestos one is supposed to seal the building and provide breathing equipment. In Los Angeles illegal aliens were used to remove the asbestos and they were given paper masks, the buildings were left completely open. The LA Weekly never investigated it, too much at stake.

At the heart of all of this is the corrupt redevelopment agencies that tax with the promise to help the poor, Staples is not poor, AEG is not poor and a new football stadium will not help the poor, how bout some housing or basic services. We are in a frigging recession and LA wants to build a football field with redevelopment money at the same time that it is closing all of it's libraries and laying people off. Would you rather have police, fire, libraries and roads or a new football stadium?

Anyways, here is a nice article from the Ventura County Star on why Redevelopment Agencies need to be abolished. Enjoy. As for me, I hope they put them all in jail. I will repeat what I have said before, I believe small cities will be folded into bigger ones to stop the special favors that they bestow on friends and themselves and redevelopment agencies will be exposed for the crooks they are.

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