Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sexy Talk

I am completely confused, that happens. A news article came out that says that oral sex is the leading cause of throat cancer or something equally stupid, I didn't even bother reading it. I remember reading something not long ago that said that people three thousand years ago didn't get cancer, does this mean that they didn't have oral sex back then or what changed?

I went and read the article. It says that oral sex causes more cancer than smoking in the United States. Here is the article. I am smoker, if I can't have sex I guess I am supposed to smoke more, just to be safe.

The article also says that in other countries smoking is still the leading cause of these cancers, does that mean those countries engage in less oral sex? Maybe they smoke more? This is garbage reporting and science. What if the connection had to do with promiscuity? What if the more you were promiscuous, the more likely you were to get cancer from oral sex, nobody would like that answer.

I wonder how many people will stop having oral sex because of this garbage article? I knew a woman who believed that oral sex on women could kill them, I really did. How do we pass this garbage on to each other? Why do we tell people such things?

The world seems so confused by sex, it is a pretty simple. Sex is a physical act where two people share the joy that they can give each other. The rules are simple. Firstly, don't do anything that you believe to be WRONG, not silly, not annoying, not something you don't prefer, WRONG. If your partner wants you to suck their toes, suck em, it isn't a crime, it is not immoral. Second rule, make sure that your partner is satisfied FIRST. Third rule, don't ask your partner to do anything that they find unpleasant and no, you don't know till you ask. Final rule, tell the truth. Let your partner know what you enjoy and what you don't.

Now lets put this to the test. If your partner said that they liked to dress up like a clown, toss pies at each other and then have sex, would you do it some of the time even if you found it messy and not wonderful? Sex is a pleasant cherry on top of the ice cream that can be a relationship. It is not the relationship or there is a problem, by the way, that is why cheaters rarely marry the people they cheat with.

Now lets return to the issue of oral sex. Oral sex is pleasant and can be done by people who don't take Viagra. If your partner likes oral sex, why would you deny them? You might be thinking I am coming from left field tonight, you know, discussing sex on a blog that does not allow cussing, from a guy who cusses non-stop. Well, I think sex should be discussed, not a forced discussion (you know, taking your kid aside and explaining sex). Sex is very personal and should be discussed in private with children, reading this will not hurt them.

We don't tell kids about sex or death, they are real things and both serve a purpose. Sex is great because it gives us a reason to have a shared joy, death is important because it gives us a chance to have a shared pain. Those are the things we can share at the deepest level if we are honest. There are some people we do not wish to share at on a deep level.

Someone lied to me today, I have been lied to by everyone including the best in the world, another lie is meaningless. It was not about sex, it was about appreciating me. This person had done me wrong, knew it and wanted to convince me that they appreciated me, a coward to be sure. I am not ever accused of being a coward, an idiot or a crook, these badges cannot be effectively put on me. I have placed them on others that earned them.

To not tell your partner how they can improve in bed is to lie to them, this does not mean you act like an instructor, it means that you tell them what you do like. That has been lost by people sleeping around indiscriminately. If you are only going to sleep with someone once, why bother telling them how they are in bed. If you are married, you probably should tell them on occasion.

This post isn't really about sex, it is about pleasing a partner. Look beyond sex and ask the same questions. What is the proper way to please a partner in business, in life, in government? Start with the same things start with not doing anything that is wrong, make sure your partner gets what they need also, don't ask your partner to do anything that they are against and finally, tell your partner what you want out of the relationship. Now apply this to business or the citizens relationship with their government and vice versa.

Being a member of the National Honor Society of Political Scientists and a lot of other junk, I know something about government philosophy. Use what I said to evaluate any government and you got a start in determining how it should work. Have a great night, I already gave you sex and government. LOL.

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