Friday, February 25, 2011

Two New Movies

The first one is called "Hall Pass", the story is that two married men keep looking at other women so their wives give them a week to do whatever they want even sleep around. Now, I am guessing the film, a comedy, has the men come to realize that they are better off with their wives; but, really what a disgusting premise.

My wife may have slept with another; but, the idea of me giving her permission to is impossible in my head. I have to add a caveat, I don't care what others do, I am not here to judge others; but, I am entitled to discuss the message we are sending people. Oh, in the movie, I believe the guys have kids.

The second movie is being made by Matt Damon and Ben Afflick, I don't know the name yet. It is the true story of two baseball players who traded their whole families to each other. Can you imagine such a thing, turning over your children and your wife to another and then taking his? That is insanity. The question is, "What does this tell the children and doesn't that matter". Cheating, like rape, is not about sex, it is about dishonesty, it is abuse of covenant. It is a lie.

What are we saying is acceptable? I am not asking what is acceptable, I am asking what we are making look as a valid alternative to having a family. What are we promoting in the media. We are promoting homosexuality, we are promoting not getting married, we are promoting not being parents, we are promoting selfishness. How many shows (and yes, I still don't watch television except for 12 hours a year or the very occasional movie) show a functional, happy, traditional family? Are there any?

Lets look even deeper, how many young actresses act like ladies and how many young actors act like gentlemen? The last few days we have been bombarded with stories about Charlie Sheen, firstly, who cares, secondly, no one cared before. He is a junkie and has a history of hiring prostitutes. The show he is on about a guy that drinks and sleeps around in front of his nephew and brother and his brother is made out to be the fool. The producer was apparently shocked that Mr Sheen lived that way in real life; but, he wasn't too superior to create and produce a show about someone who did the exact same thing.

I would prefer to write about the news tonight and may yet; but, I found these two films offensive and wanted to talk about that. That is not quite right, I didn't find the films offensive and could laugh at "Hall Pass"; but, I surely would not take young children to see it. My problem is not with an aberrant film, it is with the lack of any family positive films. Be well.


jacob nuesca said...

i find your statement that you would not take children to see the two movies interesting. my parents tried to censor me in many things. first off it didnt work, i usually always found a way to get around them. second by them censoring me i was alone when i saw movies and read books. by being alone i came up with my own opinions on these things and usually they were the opinions of whatever message that book or movie was trying to convey.

the HBO series the sopranos is a perfect example. the main character is a mafia boss who basically hurts anyone who gets in his way and sleeps around a lot. i used to want to be like him. i had the idea that was what a "real man" was like.

if my parents had instead watched the show with me and explained how wrong this message was, it would have saved me a lot of time in life.

i am not advocating watching porn with your kids on a daily basis or anything extreme like that, but if you showed your child a porn clip and explained the evils of it, then your child might be less inclined to watch it.

this is just a thought that came to mind when i read your post. parenting is a hard endeavor and i am not an expert in the field.

sorry for any typos lol dont really have time to proofread, or maybe i am just too lazy lol

Pimpernel said...

It is not "censorship" and as a parent you do have to choose which films you take your children to. Nobody is promised to go to the movies. As for the Sopranos, it glorified the mafia and I wouldn't watch it.

The point of the post was not about how bad these shows or movies are, it is about how there is no good shows. I cannot think of one recent film or movie that celebrated a healthy family and that is what concerns me. There are always bad examples; but, where are the good role models?