Monday, March 14, 2011

Daylight Savings Time

Daylight savings time, lets talk about it a little. Firstly, lets define it, in the United States it is when we move our clocks either one hour ahead or one hour behind, except in Arizona where I don't believe they use it.

A good analysis done by the Federal government shows that it doesn't save energy. Yet, in 2005 the Energy Policy Act was passed. As part of that act, daylight savings time was changed. The person who wanted it changed was a congressman named Brad Sherman. I have talked about him but thought I might bring it back up again.

Now I first found out about Mr. Sherman when I researching daylight savings time. Oh, why was I researching daylight savings time, because of the stock market crash. You see, I had predicted to the day and hour when the crash would occur, in advance and notified people. We wont go into why I thought the market would crash when it did. Anyways, when the market crashed a couple of things happened. Firstly, for the first time in history hedge funds rather than banks bought 3/4s of all the treasury bonds. Also the computers went down for that hour that monitor transactions and finally, Europe and Asia couldn't trade with us because they were off by an hour do to the change in daylight savings time and didn't know what was happening here.

That is why I began researching daylight savings time, I wondered why it had been changed because Asia and Europe got pounded by not being able to sell their stock while the prices dropped like mad, they lost lost billions in that one hour. That is when I became aware of Mr. Sherman. He is married to a "foreign affairs agent" according to Wikipedia.

Mr. Sherman is sort of an interesting fellow, he is very smart and well educated. UCLA and Harvard law school, this guy is sharp as a tack. He is the same guy that called the Alex Jones program and Alex asked him why he had said that congress had been threatened with martial law if they didn't pass the nearly trillion dollar bailout. Mr. Sherman said some had stated that they had been told that; but, that nobody said anyone would get shot. Odd words and a strange place to say them. Oh, he also spoke at the Church of Scientology's reopening in Washington D.C.. He has been called one of the church of Scientology's best friends in Washington.

Mr. Sherman is also an accountant. He sits on financial committees and foreign affairs committees. I am going to guess that he knew that when we changed our daylight savings time, foreigners would not all adjust to our change. Funny thing, being a financial genius, I can't understand why he didn't do anything about the housing crash, let me explain.

Before we had the housing crash we had a inverted yield curve. The reason this is interesting is because the federal reserve keeps track of this curve and we had one in 2005 and 2006. When an inverted yield curve occurs it means that you are about to have a recession. Greenspan was asked about it at the time and he said he didn't think anything would happen. The crash occurred in 2007. Of all of the people in congress, Mr. Sherman should have known this. Heck the inverted yield curve was how I knew the market would crash and when.

I have written about this before; but, in honor of daylight savings time I want to bring it up again. Hey, since I moved a month ago, I now live in his district. That is ironic. Mr. Sherman seems to be a pleasant fellow, he is very knowledgeable and seems popular in the district having been a congressman since 1997. I would love to ask him why he didn't see the inverted yield curve or make a big deal about it. I would go to one of his town hall meetings and ask; but, nobody would understand what I was asking him and probably just get annoyed.

Oh, the current daylight savings time can be changed at anytime. If I were Asia or Europe, I would watch for us to change it.

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