Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The FCC has announced the intention to regulate all public right of ways in the United States. I know about public right of ways, I was asked to write a book about them, I didn't write it. I am not going to write it, well, maybe the history of public right of ways, it won't matter if the fed decides to regulate public right of ways.

Texas believes they should be paid for their right of ways by the fed. That is funny, it is very funny. Basically, Texas wants to sell their right of ways to the fed and you know what, the manner for doing it was determined TEN YEARS AGO. LOL. And everyone, except me, did it wrong. LMAO.

Only certain people reading this will know what I am talking about and not many at that. I find that amusing. What I find even more amusing is that if the Fed were to pay cities for their right of ways and take responsibility for their maintenance, the streets would be better taken care of and the funds would offset the losses that municipalities are facing. It is a cookie chasing world after all.

Money is an illusion, it is nothing more than a paper promise. People break promises all too often. In the end, there is only the truth and without the truth you can't even have love.

Now, if the Fed takes over the streets, do they end up maintaining them? They don't currently, the cities and counties do. The fed contributes money; but, they do not supervise nor choose the work. Now I will tell you wisdom. If you are going to take over something, let it completely fail first (buy low, sell high). The industry is as screwed up as it can be and that makes the fix easy. Any improvement is a win.

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