Saturday, March 26, 2011

I haven't forgot, just busy

Do you ever wonder how others see you. I never did until I got older, didn't really care how they saw me, just found it interesting that people would have an opinion. I was surprised to find such a wide variety of perspectives about me. I once met a woman, we went to dinner in Palm Springs. She was very intelligent, well mannered and attractive. She told me she had never met anyone quite like me, I still wonder what she meant.

What is the old saying, no matter where you go, there YOU are. We are all works in progress; but, I only ever wanted to be me. I like title of my blog, "The truth is inside you". Your truth is inside you, the truth of who you want to be, what you become, not what you can have, your choices that define who you really are. You can justify the bad ones; but, for that moment, that was who you were.

Define yourself with your best rather than the cookies that the world throws at you. England seems to be redefining itself. 250,000 people protested in England. They were protesting the budget cuts. They feel too controlled and will fight for the last cookie. Be well.

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