Sunday, March 27, 2011

Do You Trust Your Government

I was buying cigarettes at a little gas station/store. The person behind the counter took my money and out of nowhere asked me if I trusted the government. I told her I did not and asked if anyone did anymore. She said she was 70 and that she had never seen it this bad in her life. I told her that we have to take some credit, if we vote for people we know are dishonest because we think they will benefit us then we condone their dishonesty.

This happened in Nevada a fairly conservative state. Does anyone in the world trust their governments anymore, not from what I can tell. They say a half million people protested in London against their government, thats a lot. How do we correct this because anarchy does not work, anarchy does not keep hospitals running, roads working or get the mail delivered.

The problem is not our system of government, that worked in the past. The problem is us and everyone trying to make sure that they keep theirs. The governments are afraid of this; but, they continue business as usual and insure their own death. Libya is a good example, you can change and share or go away. That is what is going on all over the planet. We have to change our hearts.

Because of the internet and other reasons, people are becoming aware of the fact that the world does not work the way they thought it did, they are becoming aware of the fact that their are a small number of individuals with a dispraportionate amount of influence over what happens in this world. This is nothing new. There are those who believe that this group wants to kill most of the world, this is nonsense. The conspiracy theorists find out about some group and something they said and want to believe that they have discovered all the secrets to how things work, they have not.

Be honest, have integrity and do not chase the cookies. Vote for those types of people even if their policies are not in line with your pocket book and then you will have a better government. And get rid of the bigotry, in the end we are all just sentient, self aware beings trying to have a decent experience. Don't do it at the expense of the other sentient beings. Be well.

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