Saturday, March 5, 2011

Need I Say More

Last night I posted about the stories on multiple suns in the sky and asked what would surprise you. How bout this coming out today. I like how they ignore the other occurrances that have happened in the last month. I bet nobody other than the scientists are surprised.

On a completely different note. Lets talk about home loans. I have opined that even though the nation is threatened with millions of foreclosures, the truth is, they don't want people to leave their houses. In one of the previous versions of this blog I spoke about the HOPE loan which basically cuts your principal in half. This means that your payment is equivalent to what you had been paying with an interest only payment, that means most people could keep their homes, not me, I got divorced.

Today an article came out which talked about this in a different way. There is a company called MERS, it apparently controls 50% of all home loans and was created by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (which are both owned by the federal government, I guess this means that MERS is owned by the fed). I want you to read this linked article. Rather than asking how it effects you or how you can use the information, ask yourself what it means to the nation.

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