Friday, March 4, 2011

What Would Surprise You?

I think anyone who has read my blog knows that I think there are too many anomalies happening in this current age. In my opinion much of what we are seeing does not make apparent sense. The "scientists" and "experts" give tortured explanations that even average people know don't sound right. Still, we just sit there and wait for the next lie. So here is my question, what would surprise you, what could happen that you would say, "Well that doesn't make any sense?"

Today I watched a video of two suns in Russia, a week or so ago I saw a video with three suns in the sky (I think it was from China) and then not long ago I posted the article about the scientist who say we may have two suns in our sky like from Star Wars if Beetlejuice supernovas. We will add to this the articles about how the sun didn't have any sun spots for two years and then had a tremendous blast a couple of weeks ago that missed the earth. These solar events we are told are perfectly normal and everyone just accepts that.

How bout earth events? All these earthquakes, volcanoes and the shifting of the magnetic poles. These seem like everyday occurances. Oh, I forgot and the earth got bigger. The multiple stories of bird and fish deaths seem normal don't they. When the first two occurred we were told these things happen on occassion; but, what about now where dozens and dozens of these things have occurred, still seem normal, maybe the new normal.

What about politics, is that normal? Naah, it is not normal. Revolution everywhere at the same time. Government attempting to track your every activity. And yes, 9-11 was an inside job, that should be obvious to anyone who watched Bldg 7 collapse or even attempts to look at what happened at the pentagon. Is that normal?

We could also talk about the economic realities that are emerging, a whole new monetary system is coming, heck it is almost here and we will have a new reserve currency. We could also look at all the strange new animals that were discovered in the past two years or the myriad of strange animal attacks. None of this is normal and it all happening at the same time is definately against the odds.

Now rather than believe that things will go back to normal, I want to know what could happen that would be the final straw for you believing that we are not living in very strange times? If an alien landed would you find that sufficiently bizaree or would you just accept that there are other life forms in the universe? Okay, not bizarre enough, what if they said they were from an alternate universe or were from the future, would that be weird enough? Probably not, huh, you would demand that it was inevitable because we have been told it is a possibility; but that is nonsense.

Here is the point, the vast majority of people have been trained to believe that anything is possible. What does that mean, it means we will accept any explanation of reality so long as an expert tells us. We have a society that is skeptical of everything and believes everything at the same time. How did we get here?

Do we have core beliefs anymore? What would they be and do we agree on them? Do we agree on anything anymore, is there anything that we "Americans" agree on? I don't think so, not anymore. We can't even agree on what we want the world of tomorrow to look like.

There are even people who believe that our world leaders are reptilian aliens spirits that are controlling humans. I kid you not. While ten years ago almost nobody took the Illuminati seriously, how many people believe it today? A bunch and a whole lot of people think they are out to kill most of us, it just isn't going to happen, I promise.

I am going to say something contradictory. I believe in paranoia, paranoia is your friend. Having said that, I think you need to still use good logic in evaluating threats and their likelihood. That is the problem with the current world, what we are seeing is too unlikely to happen all at the same, so people will accept anything as being reasonable, don't do that. Don't get caught in that trap.

My advice, no matter what you perceive, no matter what you experience, no matter what you believe, no matter what the experts tell you, go through the logic and probability check list. Lets discuss the checklist.

All experience is subjective. That is to say the only thing we can "know" is that we exist. We perceive and experience, a world, others, our perception and knowledge of these others is limited. Our ability to perceive is limited. Therefore the first question when we are evaluating anything is how much do we trust our senses in regards to understanding a perceived event or truth.

If we do not trust our senses (poor eyesight, poor hearing...) that might cause us to be more skeptical or our ability to know the answer. If we trust our senses and sanity then the next step is to ask how much confirming evidence we have for our belief. For most of us, most of what we believe is based on spoken testimony by others; but, we know others lie. Still, if everybody agrees then most will believe the same. That means they stopped investigating and are sheep.

The next step is to look at totality, look at all the information you know, not just the stuff related to the question, look at nature. Does the answer conform to how nature works? It is really a good question, unnatural things require more evidence. They require unnatural evidence and that is what we have a surplus of at the moment. That is the widget that does not fit, too much unnatural evidence and facts at the same time are required to explain the world we are in. That is just not right.

Tell me I am wrong. We get many visitors each day, any of you willing to say things are right? My guess is not or you wouldn't be reading this. I am not telling people that things make sense, I am telling them that things do not make sense. If you don't like that answer, you are probably better off not reading this blog, I have no quotas, I jsut say what I think.

Everybody sees the world through a filter, my current filter says nothing makes sense and we are at the end of this game, don't forget I am a Christian. Only a retard that claimed to be a Christian could say that things don't line up with the Bible. NonChristians can believe what they want. Still, the move towards a one world government and currency probably makes them pause and reconsider their position.

I have thousands of hits on this site, I have a couple dousin a day, tell me, any of you that you believe that nothing is going on that is unusal. Tell me that you have read the bible and don't at least wonder why the world if fitting a pattern. Tell me. Tell me that things are normal. I want to hear it and if you can't then we have a problem, things are not the way they should be. Now, how do we make sense of that?

It is very late and I am getting tired; but, things are still ridiculous in this world, tell me they are not, tell me things make sense, if you cannot then we need to come up with a new paradigm, pick one. LOL.

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sizzlingcell said...

Things are not right, hard to fool yourself day to day just to go through the routine of work and interacting with others, trying to be the strong one for your family. All we can do is trust God and his word, something non believers must struggle mightily with, I hope we all find the peace that we all want and hope we can appreciate each other and do the best we can.