Monday, March 28, 2011

What is behind this

The European Union has some interesting ideas about limiting movement in Europe. They want to outlaw gas powered cars by 2050. Why does this not surprise me? Oh yeah, because there are those who would seek to restrict your movement; but, there is more going on.

The Europeans are being pushed to their edge, they are being taught to hate the European Union and their currency. Why would anyone want that result? Better yet, why do the politicians go along this way knowing it will result in their elimination?

Let me put it another way, why did Gadahfi say to the world that he would kill everyone in his country to remain in power, the world couldn't stand by and allow that. Why say it in the first place and ensure that the rebels will never stop and that other countries will get involved?

In both cases and even here in the United States we see politiicians who believe they are entitled to rule because they are part of the in crowd and you are not. They believe being a part of the in crowd is all you need to be entitled to be in charge and the rules of the game are changing, they are not the ones changing the rules and they don't understand that. Do you not know how confused all the arab leaders are to see such an uprising?

What we are seeing is not an attack on democracy or freedom fighters, we are seeing an end to leadership reliance, to the cult of personality. Sounds exciting except what do you replace it with. The problem was not having leaders it was having ones who wanted to be and pandered to our biases and bigotry. Bigots do not get good leadership and neither do greedy societies because both will put up with so much that the whole society fails.

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