Monday, March 28, 2011

Interesting Fact About Death

Try reading this article. It is about what happens when you die. It is amazing how many people have near death experiences and what the nurses see. Doesn't it seem strange that they have a limited number of experiences. How come nobody has a near death experience where they meet a tree or go on a boat trip or go to Disneyland? Many of these people are not even Christians.

If you do not believe in an afterlife, what would you expect the images to be that you see when you are dying? Clearly people see images as they die and when they die, why are they all the same? How come nobody imagines that they are a fox or another person? How come the images are never about reincarnation even for those who believe in reincarnation?

How come aethiests have these same visions and often come back completely changed? Why don't we see more variety in what these visions are, it doesn't matter what people's background is, where they lived or what they believed. It doesn't matter that many of these people had never heard of a near death experience, they still had it and the nurses get used to it.

What aetheists say when the near death experience is about is oxygen deprivation. Okay; but why the same visions. They will then say it is because these people had heard similar stories; but, many of them didn't know about near death experiences. And it still doesn't explain why we don't hear about people imagining they are reawakening as a new person or turn into babies in the sky. That would make more sense if there were no God. Have a great night.

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