Friday, April 8, 2011

Back Again

I try and post every night; but, sometimes life gets in the way. It has gotten in the way for the past two days, happens that way sometimes. There is a real guy attached to these letters. Sometimes I am amazed that I still post at all.

I watched a movie tonight called "Flipped" directed by Rob Reiner. It is a coming of age story. Hard pressed to call it a love story. It is about two kids that grow up together. The girl loves the boy, the boy doesn't like the girl. Later, the boy likes the girl and she hates him. In the end it works out; but, we never see that part.

The girl in the movie is named Madeline Caroll, I don't know anything about her but she was very charming. Well you have to know I stopped and looked her up, an LA girl who is a big supporter of "Zoe International" (a Christian group that rescues children from Child Prostitution). Sounds like a pretty worthy organization to me. Two different actresses play the girl (age 7 and age 15 or so). The younger one did a great job too, her name is Morgan Lily.

It had been a long day and my youngest daughter and I watched the movie together, although she dozed off for a moment or two. It got me thinking about a radio commercial I heard. The commercial is some father talking about having his daughter come home from college with a boy in tow. The father doesn't want to like the boy; but, cannot help but like him eventually.

Being a dad is hard sometimes. Daughters do usually end up liking boys and make so many mistakes. Especially now when serial dating is the thing. Quantity over quality. As I watched the movie I thought, "I remember when the world was like that". It was more mannered. We taught children to be young men and young ladies, we don't do that enough anymore.

Sorry my brain is drifting. It has been a very long and exhausting day. Be well.

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