Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Great Article Possibly Short Post

I have my daughter with me and she is not feeling well so this may be a short post.

Throughout history their have been numerous times when animals rained from the sky. Usually fish; but, others too. Well it rained worms, here is the article. Apparently the sky was clear and no clouds. Charles Forte wrote about the articles of it raining animals all over the world, including before planes. The usual answer is that a water spout or tornado picked up the animals far away and then dropped them here (because seeing tornados or water spouts is never reported). I remember one of Mr. Fortes comments, he said, "If it were a tornado or water spout then how come it is always only one type of animal? Nobody can ever answer that.

This time we had it rain worms, how come no beatles or crickets or cats or fish? How come no debris, just the animals. How does a tornado pick up worms or fish and not get grass or bushes or seaweed? How come no water falls down with the fish, wouldn't the water fall first, never reported. Science is funny.

On another science note, the large particle collider in the United States has said that they have made a discovery that will change everything we know about physics. LOL. I told you that no matter what they find it will change how we view physics and this is not the whole answer. Only the Higgs Boson can prove God right and science wrong 100%. Now here is my question.

If quantum physics proves that we are nothing more than sentience and that all you think is real is a projection of that sentience, what then, how would you view the world? What would you think reality was? Then you find out that there are other sentient beings that we cannot see in this reality; but, they are very real? How would you classify these beings, angels and demons, aliens, alternate universe beings? Would it shake your beliefs?

How would you choose what to believe they were, how do you properly analyze what these beings are? Do you base it just on your current beliefs (spiritual people assume they are angels and demons, aethiests assume they are aliens and new agers believe they are assended beings) or do you not accept your beliefs and independently investigate. It is claimed that the indians believed the Spaniards were Gods returning.

Anyways have a great week.

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Anonymous said...

god is restocking the earth. we were running out of worms in that area.
ps. you investigate. judge accordingly. wisdom and undertanding of the inherent nature of things is not given out daily.
take in context the use of the word "angel" is often meant to discribe the acting "force" upon something.

will ask opinion soon.
if you choose to read =)

as well. the mysterious of god are many, and have not all been revealed. a large portion are probably in front of our faces, and never noticed by the majority.
unfortunatly, anyone with the fruits of the spirit, whos fruits are apperent, would most likley be called a witch back in the day. weather intentions are holy or not. LOL. if ya sink your not a witch. LOL.
be well! =)