Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Met a Lady

No, this is not about me dating again, I am not at present. I met a lady online on a website that talks about what is going on in the world. She had a spiritual experience, I did not know that untill we had already participated in a lengthy series of posts. I read some her other threads to get a feel for her.

I do not know her age, name, state or anything else. I do know she has a small child. One of her threads had to do with end times (regardless of cause). She talked about how all of these natural and human made disasters are continuing. We all think about these things, I mean how can you not say the times they are a changing.

She questioned what to do in these times, to protect her and her child, prepatory things like food, water... Real normal human questions in these times. I had not participated in the threads where she talked about these things, didn't know it till after. Anyways, my kids are grown and I do not have an exit strategy. If there were a tremendous earthquake in Los Angeles, I don't have a plan.

Let me restate that, my plan is to either leave or stay. Probably stay and help out. I guess that is my plan, to stay and help out, I like my city a lot. When others ask me about such things, I basically say, "Don't worry be happy", I can't say that to a parent of a small child. I don't know what to say (yes, I am sometimes stumped too).

I am over 50, have been told I should have been dead way too many times. I pretty achieved my goals and was ready to go three years ago. I don't what to say to someone who is young and has a toddler. I can't even begin to make the analysis anymore.

It is really a simple question and not. Lets say you believe yellowstone was going to explode or that a asteroid (a really big one) was going to hit the earth. Well, there is no escaping, that is the truth. Go about your normal business is my answer. None of us know when the end will come or how. The earth may end in a week; but, people will continue dying until then.

My advice is to listen to good music, have a party with friends (I did) and enjoy the day. In Greece rioters have shut down a whole town, the people are calling for the country to not pay it's debts. Not unlike the US where people are refusing to leave their homes after they have been foreclosed on. Sheep refusing to move from their grazing place, they don't believe there is another.

People want to hold on to what they thought they had managed to get, they want to keep the cookie they never earned and not have to pay for it. Think about how unsustainable that is. Why would anyone build houses if they are not going to get paid, why would anyone lend money if they thought you wouldn't pay them back?

There are many things I don't like that I cannot do anything about. You certainly cannot control other people, our relationships become matters of trust. That is tough. Right now people don't trust their governments and I am not saying they are trustworthy, just observing a fact. We need to begin rebuilding trust if we want to have good relationships.

Trust is faith that another will do all they can to keep their commitments, that is the same place that love comes from, trust. A couple of links

Everything is Beautiful - Ray Stevens

Louis Armstrong (Satchmo just seeing him makes me smile) - What a Wonderful World

I know a number of people who have had spiritual experiences, some read this blog. Some are not ready to admit it, some are. Doesn't really matter to me one way or the other, it just is. Everyone who ever lived had a spiritual experience, it is called sentience. You are spiritual, how much of that sentience you want to experience is based on your ability to love and trust and be truthful (or no trust).

The Indians have a term that they use, Namaste, it means my inner spirit respects your inner spirit or if you like, I recognize we are more than this body and my spirit says hi to yours, lets play nice together.

Something to make you smile - Ray Stevens

We do not have a namaste attitude in this country. That is a shame. We have given up on each other as a species, that is a bigger shame. We need to get back to basics, one foot in front of the other and build it back again; but, we choose not to, we still want the free and easy cookie, that is not sustainable, that is why we just want ours.

When people get anxious they have to make a choice, to stay the course or look out for ourselves first. That is why we justify violence, because we say we had to, that we were right. The real question is what actions we can take to make things better. I guess that is why I would stay in Los Angeles, help clean up. Be well.


I have been saying for a few years that eventually we will all be required to have an individual id for the internet. Here is a lovely article discussing it. What do you think?

Hey, I wonder if this will involve ICANN, we have talked about them many times. Do you remember who funds them, the CIA, NSA, DOD and such. An individual internet number for everyone in the world who uses the internet for anything. Get it? One single universal identification system for every person on earth. By the way do you remember the post about how Bill Gates wanted to register every baby born on earth using cell phones so that they could get their vaccinations? LOL, hmmm, maybe he knew this was coming too. A universal id at birth for every child in exchange for vaccinations to keep your kids safe from the dreaded diseases.

I knew a girl once (sounds like a script line, she had a miraculous touch. I mean her hands were so tender, her heart showed through them. She held my hands once and it had a knock out effect on me, her touch was heavenly. One of my daughters has a dentist that is really special, he can do things and you don't feel the pain, he is incredibly sensitive to his patients pain, unlike any other dentist I have ever know, we all have our abilities if we choose to use them.

Anyways, this girl had a touch that conveyed sympathy and tenderness, I was not familiar with such things and it took me back a bit. She seemed to just know that it did and patiently waited for me to recover. Some people understand the impact they have on others, I do not. I do not understand the impact I have on others, I just try to do what I think is best. As Richard Gere said in "An Officer and a Gentleman", I got no other place to go. I guess none of us do. We can be us, do what we think is right and then we are knocking on heavens door.

Some people die young, some people die old. I know what a pro poker player told me in my first tournament. We were at Binions and I knocked him out of the tourney. Later I was taken out by a bad beat (bad player who caught the only card that could help him on the river). The pro saw me after I got knocked out and he asked me how I did, I told him that for my first live tourney I felt great and did fantastic; but, that I had lost just before the money. He said he would rather go out fast than long if he wasn't going to be in the money. I enjoyed the game and he only wanted the cookie, my cookie was the game, the surprise endings.

I believe that when we are spirits we get to choose our pain, quick or slow, long or short. A short life or a long life, which do you choose and why (by the way, suicide is cheating and gets it's own consequences). This is because I believe in free will and we all are entitled to know what we are capable of withstanding and in what manner, that is what I believe for the moment. When I pass over I still get to choose, free will does not end at death.

I have to go to bed. Be well.

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