Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Dearest Robbie

A wonderous lady, my Robbie, posted some comments two posts back. I want her to know that she is my dearest. She is an amazing woman and old men like me are renewed by wonderous women. Old mean old men like me need a reason to move on and amazing women work for me. She is amazing. She gave me strength when I was weak.

Pimpernel is a tired old btard; yet,don't be stupid and make me hurt you, don't try me. If someone hurt my Robbie, I just might wake up and make you very uncomfortable. She amazes me, she cared about me and that is heaven, when someone cares about you, then you know heaven.

There is a very real person behind this blog, some of you know me and I am real and the people I know are real, my Robbie is real and I love her. She helped me when I needed help and loved me when I needed love. I know hell and I know heaven, I am ready for neither, I know love and I am ready for that relationship, Robbie helped me get there and I miss her, she needs some time in Vegas with me.

The one regret I have is that when I see my Robbie I will have to tell her things that she will not be able to comprehend for a long time. A mutual aquaintance is evil and it is not the owner of a website (she is wonederous), no there is a bad person that deceives. Yet, my Robbie is amazing and I love her.

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Robbie said...

Wow, I am going to have to leave some comments here more often :)! Try it yourselves, other readers! Thanks sweet man for those kind words.

I love you too, Pimpernel, and please keep in mind that the word is love, not loved -- present tense. With me, once a loved one, always a loved one, you included.

I want to come to Vegas and watch you win a tournament! I want to come to Vegas and win some jackpots myself! Vegas has been very good to me the couple of times I've visited.

Your statement is a bit ominous, though, about the evil deceiver. I have some doubts about one mutual acquaintance -- how about you drop an email and we'll see if we are on the same page with that.

That way, we can just ENJOY Vegas!